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“I really love Viva Naturals Krill Oil. It works very well. I can really feel a big difference in my health.”
– David J.

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In just two easy-to-swallow capsules, Viva Naturals Krill Oil delivers 1,250 mg of krill oil, providing 165 mg of EPA and 90 mg of DHA to support:

Joint Health*
Joint Health*
Brain Health & Working Memory*
Brain Health & Working Memory*
Protection Against Free Radical Damage*
Protection Against Free Radical Damage*

Why Choose Viva Naturals Krill Oil?

  • 2.5x more easily utilized by the body than fish oil*
  • Contains astaxanthin, providing potent antioxidant protection*
  • Independently tested & certified by IKOS
  • Easy-to-swallow Caplique® capsules
  • No unwanted “fish burps” or aftertaste
  • Sustainably harvested

2.5x More Bioavailable Than Fish Oil

Fish Oil and omega-3s can vary depending on the brand or quality of the product you’re buying. Some omega-3s, like those in ethyl ester form, are harder for the body to absorb, making them less effective overall. The omega-3s in krill oil are different, and have been shown to be up to 2.5x more bioavailable than fish oil!

Joints Not Feeling Like They Used To?*

Our joints and mobility start to lose steam as we age, so it’s important to keep them healthy.* Krill oil has been shown in numerous clinical studies to support joint health.* There’s a reason krill oil has become one of the most popular health and wellness supplements for active adults!

The Smart Choice to Support a Healthy Brain*

The essential fatty acid DHA in our Krill Oil is in the same form that is naturally found in your cells. That makes it more easily absorbed by your body, and ensures this super-important nutrient gets where it needs to go to support healthy brain function and working memory.*


Krill oil is one of the simplest and most beneficial supplements you can take to support your health and wellbeing. Just two easy-to-swallow capsules per day is all it takes to support the health of your joints, brain, working memory & more!*

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