Apple Cider Vinegar
Helps keep tummy troubles at bay, adds a tangy-fruity kick to foods, and even works as a household cleaner
Cacao Nibs
Nature’s chocolate chips deliver nutritious, sugar-free flavor and a natural energy boost to your favorite foods and drinks
Cacao Powder
Finest-grade Peruvian powder infuses indulgent flavor and nutrient goodness into drinks and desserts
Chia Seeds
Wholesome seeds give your daily menu extra omega goodness
Coconut Flour
A source of fiber and nutrients, this healthy flour alternative adds exotic flair to everyday recipes
Coconut Oil
Versatile oil adds tropical flavor to foods, and is a must-have for hair, skin and nail care
Coconut Sugar
Swap into your favorite recipes for unbleached, unrefined sweetness with natural caramel notes
Known for their immune supporting properties, these uniquely tart berries are Mother Nature’s best defense
A source of omega 3’s, fiber, and a pleasantly nutty flavor, flaxseed adds a nutrient-rich fix to everyday meals
Shelf-stable clarified butter with sweet, nutty flavor is perfect for lactose-sensitive and other specialized diets
Goji Berries
Superfruit known as the “longevity berry” is packed with nutritional might and mouthwatering flavor
Maca Powder
"Peruvian ginseng" delivers a unique, nutty flavor to re-charge smoothies and everyday foods
Matcha Green Tea
Ceremonial-grade tea that's shade grown for natural sweetness and ultimate flavor
Psyllium Husk Powder
Provides a gentle, natural source of fiber to promote regularity and optimal digestive health*
Replace traditional grains with this vegan protein source for unique taste, texture and nutrient power
Superalgae with super antioxidant power*
Essential enzyme promotes heart health and cellular energy*
Curcumin C3
The heart of turmeric root optimizes cellular defense and joint function*
Fish Oil
The ocean’s omega-3 powerhouse for cardiovascular and cognitive health*
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM
The ultimate nutrient trio for greater joint health*
Liver-replenishing master antioxidant that promotes cellular defense and a healthy immune response.
Krill Oil
Highly bioavailable omega-3 formula for total health*
Maca Powder Capsules
Peru’s ancient stamina secret helps boost energy inside and out*
Multi-tasking mineral essential for the heart, bones and more*
Healthy fats help super-charge metabolism and athletic performance*
Prenatal DHA
Essential omega-3 supports baby’s development and mom’s mood*
Psyllium Husk Capsules
Plant-based fiber is the gentle, natural way to stay regular*
Psyllium Husk Powder
Provides a gentle, natural source of fiber to promote regularity and optimal digestive health*
Patented compound provides potent defense against oxidation damage*
Vitamin C
Everyday essential supports immunity and so much more*
Vitamin D3
Sunshine stand-in for bone, dental and mental health*
Argan Oil
Precious luxury oil is an ancient secret for transforming the condition of hair, skin and nails
Castor Oil
Versatile oil with superior emollient properties is ideal as a moisturizer, massage oil or hair rejuvenator
Coconut Oil
Versatile oil adds tropical flavor to foods, and is a must-have for hair, skin and nail care
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Clear, light, fast-absorbing oil is the ideal foundation for DIY oil blends, bath products, ointments and cosmetics
Jojoba Oil
Multi-purpose oil mimic’s skin’s natural oil for an easily absorbed, non-irritating addition to your beauty regimen
Shea Butter
Perfect for DIY body and hair care, this soft, creamy butter melts into skin to nourish, quench and soothe
Sweet Almond Oil
Mild, odorless oil is the ideal carrier for essential oils, leaving skin soft, hydrated and satiny smooth.
Bergamot Oil
Fresh, tangy oil has a sparkling, spicy-sweet aroma with purifying, uplifting and relaxing benefits
Diffuser - Original
The latest aromatherapy technology treats your senses with delightful aromas and comforting lights
Diffuser - Tranquil
The latest aromatherapy technology treats your senses with delightful aromas and comforting lights
Diffuser - Zen
The latest aromatherapy technology treats your senses with delightful aromas and comforting lights
Essential Oils - 6 Pack
Aromatherapy gift set combines 6 of our most popular essential oils to match any mood
Eucalyptus Oil
Cool, crisp oil has a clean, pine-like scent that refreshes and invigorates
Frankincense Oil
Prized for its healing properties, this oil’s woodsy, earthy, spicy scent creates a peaceful, grounding aura
Lavender Oil
Aromatherapy favorite has a sweet, gentle floral fragrance that soothes, balances and refreshes
Lemon Oil
Powerfully purifying oil has a vibrant citrus scent that energizes, revitalizes and inspires positivity
Peppermint Oil
Intensely refreshing oil delivers a minty-sweet scent and a tingly-cool sensation
Tea Tree Oil
This time-honored natural remedy is one of the most heavily studied essential oils for hair, skin and nail use

Viva Innovation


A lot goes into creating an amazing product—so whenever we launch one, we follow our signature Viva Quality Checklist. This 3-stage approach to product development ensures that we continue to outdo ourselves in the awesome department.

Stage 1: Laying The Groundwork

In-Depth Exploration

Customers are the heart of our product development process, and we start out by studying exactly what makes them tick. We analyze which products are working, how they work, and why they work so well—then we top that by filling in the gaps, because we’re always obsessed with finding a better way. These are just a few of the questions we ask in our exhaustive exploratory process:

  • Is it clinically proven to work?
  • Is it environmentally friendly?
  • Is it ethically sourced?
  • Does it improve our customers’ lives?

If the answer to any of these is “no,” the product won’t be launched; it’s that simple. We do the legwork and don’t take shortcuts (unless it gets us to the office faster).

Scrupulous Sourcing

Once we decide to develop a product, we start by seeking out the planet’s best ingredients. We strive to use plants from their native country, and to keep them as close to their natural, fresh-from-the-harvest form as possible—that means every product is non-GMO and all our foods are certified organic.

We also support the communities and environments our products come from with fair trade practices. Whether it’s skilled local farmers in the Philippines hand-picking our coconuts from sustainable forests, or Ugandan women displaced by unrest gathering the nuts for our shea butter, the benefits of this approach are immeasurable. We’re not only creating a better product for our customers, but we’re also helping to create a better future for our suppliers.

Test, Test And Test Some More

After narrowing down the top suppliers, it’s off to our Innovation Lab for both internal and third-party testing (more on that later). This is where the magic happens. We compare an endless amount of ingredients—because even if we like one, we keep going until we find the one that’s perfect. We don’t stop until we’ve achieved “best” status across the board: best taste, best texture and best at bettering your health. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s definitely not good enough for our customers. And our stamp of approval doesn’t come easily.

Stage 2: Bringing The Product To Life

Meticulous Manufacturing

Once we’ve locked in our suppliers, production begins. Proudly manufactured in the United States, our products are made with great care and attention to detail. And while we have the utmost trust in our production partners, we still go on location to oversee the process firsthand. Why? Because we’re the only ones who know our customers well enough to make sure every step surpasses their rigorous standards, as well as our own. From hand-poured ghee to hand-scooped cacao nibs, we insist on techniques that ensure the ultimate quality, potency and flavor. Processing our grains at low temperatures, cold-pressing our essential oils and producing our personal care items without hexanes or parabens are just a few of the ways we keep our products healthy, effective and delicious for you.

Stage 3: The Finishing Touch

Quality Control

As soon as we think we’ve achieved perfection, we head back to the lab for a final critique. We know how important it is to keep our partners accountable, so we do the same for ourselves. We go the extra step to have auditors inspect every process, and third-party testers evaluate each product. And we’re not satisfied unless they report back that our expectations weren’t just met, but exceeded. Because that’s what we want for the people who matter most: our customers.

Continuous Growth

We don’t consider our job done once a product hits the shelves. We keep our finger on the industry’s pulse to make sure we’re first to know about the latest trends, from promising new superfoods to cutting-edge packaging materials. Every innovation we discover is an opportunity to take a product from 100% to 110%—and start right back at stage one of our checklist.