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6 Back To School Wellness Tips For You & Your Kids

An important note

No dietary supplement will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

With the 2019 coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle modification other than social distancing and proper hygiene practices can help protect you from COVID-19.

Currently, no research supports the use of any supplement to protect against COVID-19 specifically.

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and back to school is here again! This year, you may be apprehensive about sending your kids back to school with COVID-19 still very present across the country. Back to school is an exciting time for both parents and kids, but this year additional precautions will be necessary.

We want to share a few helpful tips to support you and your family’s well-being during this time. Please remember that these tips cannot replace the recommendations of your healthcare practitioner, and you should always follow the advice of your doctor for you and your family’s health concerns and needs. In regards to COVID-19, stay tuned in to your local public health unit, follow their safety guidelines, and take the time to find out what your kid(s) school is doing to keep them safe.

Despite there being a global pandemic, there are still simple things you can be doing to support you and your family’s overall well-being! Here are 6 tips we recommend for you and your kids as they head back to school:


mom reading bedtime story with kid

1. Essential Zzz’s

Bedtime isn’t something you’re so worried about during the summer, but school means getting back into your routine. Sleep is vital for helping your body rest and repair, but it also affects your quality of life. When you feel well-rested, you’re more alert, more attentive, and have more energy throughout the day. For your kids, this means better attention, behavior, and performance at school. Getting enough sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and a habit you should reinforce for your kids.


2 kids riding bicycle smiling

2. Get Outside

There are so many benefits to going outside with your kids. Not only does it change up your scenery (goodbye, boredom), but you can get some fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity — three things that can all support your health and wellness. The pandemic has proved to make neighborhood walks and bike rides indispensable activities for families, so try to keep that habit going into the school year.


close up of vegetable toppings on pizza

3. Healthy Eating

Back to school is a great time to reintroduce healthy eating habits after all the s'mores, ice cream, and other frozen treats. Make healthy eating fun by including your kids in the cooking process, trying out new recipes, and having themed dinners like Taco Tuesday or a make-your-own-pizza night. Make sure to fill your plates and your recipes with fresh, seasonal veggies to get the most nutrition out of your meals!


purple bottle of Elderberry supplement

4. Supplements

Back to school means more germs are being spread and flu season is approaching. To support your own health and wellness, you may want to consider taking supplements. There are several supplements that can provide immune support including probiotics, vitamin C, and vitamin D.* If you’re looking for an all-in-one supplement, our Elderberry Vitamin C + Zinc is a powerful antioxidant formula that also contains immune-supporting ginger and vitamin D3!* Just check with your doctor before starting yourself or your kids on a new supplement regimen.


young girl playing dressup and putting on makeup with dad

5. Play & Be Silly

Stress is probably one of the worst things for your immune system, putting physical, mental and emotional strain on your body which negatively affects your overall well-being. While some stress is unavoidable, the best way to combat this stress is to make time for fun in your life. And stress isn’t just for adults, kids feel it too. So they definitely need time to blow off some steam and ease any tension they may be feeling. Whether it’s time for play in the backyard after dinner, or planning a fun game night once a week, be silly with your kids and allow them to have some fun!


small child handing orange flower to an adult hand

6. Say Thanks

The more we learn about the science of gratitude, the more benefits we see! Practicing gratitude means regularly taking the time to appreciate everything you have to be thankful for. Research has shown that adults who practice gratitude are also associated with greater happiness, positivity, life satisfaction, and better health outcomes!¹ Teaching your kids to express their gratitude by saying thank you and writing down what they’re thankful for on a regular basis can help cultivate gratitude. Despite being in a pandemic, there are things you can be grateful for and teaching your kids to do the same may improve their overall well-being.


Following these tips is no guarantee you and your family will stay healthy, but they can help support your immunity and well-being during these stressful and unpredictable times. Which of these tips do you think is most helpful heading into the new school year?

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¹Hussong, A.M., et al. (2019). J Posit Psychol.14(5): 563–575.