A Minimalist Approach to Keep A Clean Home

Being a product of your environment has several different meanings, including how your environment affects your mood and mental state. When it comes to your home, how it appears can affect and also be a reflection of your internal world. Is your room always messy? Are your belongings scattered everywhere around the house? Was it the last decade when you last washed the floors?

Since many of us have been spending the majority of our time at home these past few months, you may fall into one of two categories. Either you’ve done a total deep clean and gotten rid of old items and clutter OR you’ve accumulated more and more clutter by being at home. Living in clutter can be a huge distraction and even a contributing stressor in your life. Adopting key principles from a minimalist lifestyle can help you declutter your home and your mind for a happier and healthier you.



A minimalist lifestyle means living with the things you really need and getting rid of the rest. You can achieve this by removing clutter and anything that distracts you from living with intention and freedom. If your internal thoughts feel chaotic and out of control, it's time to declutter the space around you. By adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, you'll feel a sense of calm and create more order in your life.

Reducing every day mental stress and nurturing this sense of calm all boils down to establishing a routine. Here’s how to build a minimalist routine in 3 easy steps:


box of items to be donated


The minimalist way is to only keep the essentials. As Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. Interior designers will tell you that items in your home should either be functional or beautiful — even better if they’re both! Those knick knacks you’ve had sitting around for years but don’t love? It’s time to get rid of them. Donate them to a second-hand store where they can be sold at a discounted price. This is better for the environment than simply throwing them out and can be done for old clothing and furniture as well. Search for local thrift shops and donation centers online and check to see what’s open and what they’re accepting. Due to COVID-19, some items may not be accepted right now, but you can set them aside and donate them later!


person putting towels away in shelves


Creating a habit of putting things away as you use them will help you have a tidy and uncluttered home. This creates a calm and cozy environment you will enjoy being in instead of adding to your stress with clutter. Tidying up clutter on a regular basis also makes it easier to clean your home. It’s much easier to vacuum floors and wipe down counters when items are put away. Get into the habit of putting away items after you use them whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Your mind (and your house) will thank you!


shoes stored in hidden drawer under stairs


Hidden storage is the key to minimalist home organization. Furniture that includes storage spaces or drawers helps to maximize space and keep your home from looking cluttered. Investing in these items will help you stay organized and can also be used to display the items you love and cherish. Bookshelves can hold pictures, books, and decorative items that make you smile.


Decluttering your home can help declutter your mind and make it easier to clean and style your home. By adopting a more minimalist attitude, you can create a calming and relaxing environment that will put your mind at ease. Now, more than ever, your home is a safe haven and a place you should enjoy being in. Embrace a minimalist approach to create a space you love!




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