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Skin You Know You’ll Love with the 3 Benefits of Rosehip Oil

We all want nice-looking skin – radiant, soft, and beamingly beautiful. You’ve seen them. The commercials where you walk in the room and everyone gasps, stunned by your beauty, speechless. Rosehip oil can help moisturize your skin and turn heads when you enter the room.

It’s true, there are a ton of products on the market these days. But don’t you want something not highly-processed? Something that’s organic and that you’re comfortable using?

Ideally, look for a moisturizer that doesn’t include a long list of artificial ingredients. Something that allows you to stay in harmony with nature. A one-ingredient solution is a great way to go – simple, straightforward, and transparent. So you know exactly what you’re getting.

Rosehip oil can be used for your face and body. It can eliminate your worry of adding unknown and completely unnecessary ingredients to your skin. Luckily, you don’t have to anymore – times are changing. Back to nature is the way to go.

Ready to learn more about rosehip oil? If you haven’t heard of it before – hey, totally fine. We’ll learn together about everything it can do for you!

rosehip oil extract

What Exactly is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush. In fact, you can extract it from several species, depending on your geographical location. One of the most common rosehip oil sources, however, is the Rosa canina, also called dog rose. 

Rosa canina is indigenous to Europe and parts of Asia and North Africa. Wild rose bushes have their natural borders in higher latitudes, reaching up to Finland in the north.¹ Canina is the Latin word for “dog” – therefore, the Rosa canina is also referred to as dog rose.¹ 

In order to produce rosehip oil, the fruits of the rose plant, which are also known as “hips” are used. These “hips” or fruits contain seeds that are cold-pressed after extraction, obtaining rosehip oil as we know it. Rosehip oil, in turn, can then be used as a moisturizer for your face and body.

rosehip oil 101

Rosehip Oil 101 – What’s There to Know About Rosehip Oil? 

What’s there to know about the wild rose bush or the most popular species thereof? The Rosa canina has a soft pink color with some white towards its center. It has 5 petals and is a rather small flower, which can blossom in either a group of flowers or grow on its own.²

The wild rose bush has a gentle floral scent, warm, and welcoming. If you’re a fan of gardening and have a green thumb, rose bushes make for an enchanting entrance if planted outside of your house.

How’s Rosehip Oil Extracted?

As with most oils, there are various methods to extract rosehip oil. Cold-pressing is a traditional method that’s also used in the production of olive oil and castor oil. Cold-pressing simply means that the seeds of the rosehip plant are pressed without using any outside heat sources.

Cold-pressing is regarded as a simple process for the extraction of oils, straightforward, and without external alterations. This is thought to be a gold-standard extraction method as adding heat can start to oxidize the oil and breakdown some of the nutrients in the oil. 

But there are other ways to extract rosehip oil. For instance, it can be extracted via chemical extraction processes by using solvents like hexane or by applying other technologies, such as the subcritical solvent extraction which uses harsh solvents like butane & propane.3

What Role did Rosehip Role Play in the Past?

Rosehip oil has a history of being used in skincare with many ancient civilizations having tried this oil. The ancient Egyptians, all the way back to the pharaohs and their thirst for embellishing agents, have played around with a number of natural oils.

As a matter of fact, the Egyptians are said to have used countless natural ingredients for beautification purposes and rosehip oil may, actually date back to their time – which would make it thousands of years old.⁴

rosehip oil benefits

Rosehip Oil Benefits – Why You Should Use It 

We all have been there – tried out beauty product after beauty product with limited success. Added more ingredients to our skin than we can count, while our cosmetics drawer is packed so full, it doesn’t even close anymore.

Finding a few good products can simplify your life and it can be easiest to strip back your routine by starting with single-ingredient cosmetics, such as rosehip oil. There’s just no need for extras in your skincare!

Rosehip oil has emerged as a valuable cosmetic product that can be used daily. You can apply it in the mornings and at night before bed, giving your skin some extra moisture every evening.

But why exactly should you use rosehip oil, you wonder? Here are some of its benefits.

Rosehip Oil: The Appearance of Scars

We all have them – scars. Marks of events passed that have left our skin altered. Whether it’s from a wound, scrape, or burn, scars tell a story, good or bad.

But while they can be proof of a life lived, like the scrape you got on your face from a tree branch while playing with your kids in the backyard – truth is, they can really shake your confidence.

Specifically, facial scars can get frustrating to deal with and take time to fade naturally – if they do at all. The good news is that rosehip oil may reduce the appearance of scars if used consistently for 3 to 12 weeks.

Rosehip Oil: The Appearance of Photo-Aged Skin

We all age, it’s a normal part of life. But as our skin is exposed to sun day after day and year after year, cumulative sun exposure can take a significant toll on our skin.

Back in the day when we hit the beach on the weekends, we didn’t really think about the consequences of too much sun exposure – obviously. We were living in the now, enjoying the sound of the waves, the warm breeze on our skin, and feeling free, almost invincible.

Fast forward a few years, and your skin is now showing premature signs of aging. The result of long-term sun exposure and damage done to your skin. While we all now know to regularly apply our sunscreen, we also want to help minimize the appearance of the photo-aging we already have. 

Rosehip oil can come to your rescue here too – in fact, if used consistently for 3 to 12 weeks, it may reduce the appearance of the photo-aging of your skin.

Rosehip Oil: Skin Texture & Quality

As women, we long for skin with an irresistible glow. While glares can be annoying at times, who doesn’t want to be able to turn heads when walking in a room?

Smooth and soft skin is one of those things that can help us feel beautiful and confident with the way we look. And rosehip oil is a simple yet powerful oil that can help you feel comfortable in your skin.

As a matter of fact, rosehip may help to improve the texture and appearance of your skin with consistent use. With improved appearance and texture, your skin will radiate and you’ll feel absolutely gorgeous.

women skin, women face

Ready to Spoil Your Skin and Give Rosehip Oil a Go? 

It’s human nature – we want to look our best, in every possible scenario. Whether we’re actually walking in a room full of people and everyone’s just staring right at us, or we get inspected by people on the way to work, on the bus, or at the office. It doesn’t matter!

But most importantly, we want to look our best for ourselves. Feel comfortable in our skin, beautiful, and empowered. And no kidding, it’s a confidence booster for sure.

So, if you’re seeking that finger-wrapping natural glow for your skin, try organic rosehip oil and start working it into your skincare routine. 

It’s easy too – no need to sacrifice huge amounts of time at all because we know life is busy. Just use a few drops of rosehip oil on your face and massage it in.

Our rosehip oil is organic and cold-pressed. It’s a fantastic single-ingredient oil extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush. And as we don’t believe in animal testing, you can be sure that this beauty product was manufactured without being tested on animals.

Ready to get all eyes on you? Try our organic rosehip oil and let us know what you think. You deserve to feel beautiful and turn heads. 

women smiling, women with nice skin


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