April 15, 2019

When it comes to choosing a healthy breakfast, there’s no need to over-complicate things. Keep it simple by blending up a delicious smoothie.

Whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, or none of the above, you’re sure to enjoy three of our favorite superfood smoothies. They’re tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without the dreaded sugar crash. Simply mix the ingredients together with a blender, pour into a glass, and enjoy!

Chocolate Banana Maca Smoothie

Chocolate Banana Maca Smoothie

Adapted from:http://www.yummymummykitchen.com/2017/08/chocolate-maca-smoothie.html

When the chocolate cravings strike, grab your blender and mix up this thick and creamy smoothie boosted with superfoods cacao and maca powder:  

cup almond milk
1 banana
1 tbsp Maca Powder

½ tbsp Cacao Powder

Blueberry Chia Smoothie

Blueberry Chia Smoothie

Adapted from: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/blueberry-and-chia-seed-smoothie-3415147

Chia seeds are loaded with plant-based omega-3s. Combined with fresh fruit and unrefined coconut oil, it’ll keep you full for hours!

2 tbsp Chia Seeds
1½ cups almond milk
1 cup blueberries
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
1 tsp raw honey

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Adapted from: http://www.parsnipsandpastries.com/nutty-flax-and-berry-smoothie/

Nutty and creamy, this flax and berry smoothie is a delicious way to start your day:

1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp almond butter
½ frozen banana
½ cup frozen mixed berries
1 tbsp Ground Flaxseed
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp honey
1-2 tspChia Seeds




There’s a reason why smoothies are a breakfast staple –- they’re easy, convenient, and delicious to boot! What are your favorite smoothie recipes? Share them below.

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