DIY Spring Wreaths to Brighten Your Door

As seasons change and we welcome spring, it’s time to freshen your front door with a bright and colorful wreath! A beautiful statement piece, you can switch out wreaths with each season to easily update your space. This spring, why not welcome the warmer weather with a do-it-yourself craft? Use these fresh and unique ideas to brighten your door and make a positive and playful impression to anyone who walks by.

New to crafting? Not to worry! These wreaths are beginner-friendly and simple to construct with our easy-to-follow instructions. Most craft stores are doing curbside pick up or online delivery right now, so do a quick inventory, grab your glue gun, and order what you need. These bright and colorful DIY spring wreaths are waiting for you to make!

seed plant wreath

Seed-Packet Wreath

from Country Living

This DIY wreath uses vintage seed packets to create a vintage, country-charmed look that’s perfect for gardeners and flower-lovers alike!

You’ll need:
12-14 vintage seed packets
12-inch foam wreath
½ inch wide jute or hemp ribbon
A few faux flowers
Straight pins
Hot glue gun


  1. Attach the seed packets to a 12-inch foam wreath form with straight pins.
  2. Using the hot glue gun, attach faux flowers in small clusters around the wreath between seed packets.
  3. Complete the craft by gluing a ribbon bow to one side of the wreath.
  4. Let the wreath sit flat inside for a couple of hours so the glue can dry fully. Then it's ready to hang!
dpring wreath with house number

DIY Spring Wreath with House Number

From Taylor Made by Taylor Bee

This wreath is a simple, inexpensive DIY project that's easily customizable — any colors or flowers will work — and doubles as a house number sign.

You’ll need:
A grapevine wreath
Faux flowers, such as hydrangeas
Wooden numbers
Wood paint (optional)
Glue gun


  1. First, using scissors and/or a wire cutter, cut the stems off of the flowers, leaving about 1 inch of stem/wire to stick into the wreath.
  2. Play with arrangements until you decide how you want the flowers and numbers displayed on the wreath.
  3. Decide if you want to paint your wooden numbers. If so, paint and let numbers dry for 1 hour.
  4. Secure the flowers and numbers onto the wreath with hot glue. For the flowers, apply hot glue on the ends of the wire then stick into the wreath.
  5. Glue the numbers on by squeezing a line of hot glue onto the back of the number. Then flip and press the glued side onto the wreath. Repeat for each number.
  6. Let the wreath sit flat inside for a couple of hours so the glue can dry fully. Then it's ready to hang!
summer lemon wreath

Summer Lemon Wreath

From A Diamond in the Stuff

If you love to decorate with lemons, create this bright and cheerful wreath for your home!

You’ll need:

A grapevine wreath

Faux greenery (like boxwood)

12-15 plastic lemons

Floral wire

Hot glue gun

Ribbon or fabric bow (optional)


  1. Attach greenery to the wreath using floral wire. Cut short lengths of wire, wrap it around some of the greenery, and then looped the wire to the back. Twist the two ends of wire together and trim off the excess.
  2. Arrange the lemons around the wreath by filling gaps in the greenery. Glue into place using a hot glue gun.
  3. If adding a bow, glue into place with the hot glue.
  4. Let the wreath sit flat inside for a couple of hours so the glue can dry fully. Then it's ready to hang!

Warning: Crafting is such a fun activity that you might just get hooked! Dabbling in any DIY is a great way to pass the time. If it’s been a hot minute since you last did some arts and crafts, try one of these easy DIY spring wreaths. Update your front porch with a bright and cheerful art piece that’s as uniquely made as you are! When was the last time you created something for your home?

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