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Earth Day 2022: What Are Organic Foods and Are They Better for You?

Earth Day 2022, just like the many Earth Days past, marks a day of gratitude for Earth’s resources. A day of environmental awareness and appreciation for all that our planet provides for us - from water, organic foods, and a place to live.

What’s Earth Day and How Did it Start?

The first Earth Day as we know it today was introduced back in 1970 as an attempt to focus on raising awareness for our environment.¹ Preserving Earth’s natural habitats, wildlife, and beauty has become a major concern since.

As the industrial revolution rolled in with its newly invented vehicles, voices demanding environmental conscious behavior became louder. These voices were concerned - not only with the change we were forcing on our planet but also with the inevitable change for our own well-being.¹

Moved by a significant oil spill near Santa Barbara, California in 1969, Senator Nelson approached Denis Hayes to draw awareness to the growing issue of pollution. Under the tag “Earth Day,” it gained national attention and by 1990 had become a global phenomenon.¹

Pollution has since grown into a significant problem and air quality has suffered. Natural foods have been replaced with highly processed or mass-produced alternatives. And just like that, the old way of life was no more.

Earth Day has emerged as a symbol of restoration. Restoration of a balance for our planet, its wildlife, and a balance for ourselves.


Earth Day Facts: Why Earth Day Affects Us All

Finding inner peace, being in harmony with our environment, and relying on organic foods is a conscious choice.

Consuming organic foods, fresh and whole produce, and searching for sustainable options is the way of life Earth Day hopes to ingrain in you.

Here are some ideas of how to celebrate this Earth Day:
  • Prioritize your health, focus on clean eating, and consume organic foods
  • Get involved in the conservation of our oceans, rainforests, and wildlife
  • Lastly but not least - plant a tree and help restore Earth’s beauty

Earth Day was coined, so we can take a minute and think about the world around us. Our planet matters and so does our health.

It’s time we think about how we can use organic foods in our diet and how clean ingredients can set us on a healthier path.

This Earth Day, make the change. Find your way back to nature and be conscious about the foods you consume.

Do it - for you.


Organic Foods: What You Need to Know

holding basket of organic foods

You hear the term being thrown around a lot in recent years or see it printed on labels - but you’re not sure exactly what it means. Don’t worry, you’re in good company!

Together we’ll learn what organic foods are and why everyone is raving about them.


What Does Eating Organic Foods Mean?

“Organic foods” is not just a label - it’s a classification defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The term “organic” generally refers to how food is grown.²

When growing organic foods, farmers steer clear of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. According to federal regulations, soil quality has to be inspected and it’s important that foods are grown naturally - free from additives and artificial pest control.²

Why is that important - you wonder? Well, there are two main reasons.

One - due to the way organic foods are grown, they contain much lower pesticide residues than foods grown on traditional farms.³ This alone has a significant impact.

Two - organic farming shows deep respect for our planet, requires the use of less energy, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. This means that organic farming is much better for the environment than conventional methods of farming.⁴


Are Organic Foods Better for You?

We have established that there are benefits that come with eating organic foods. But what are the potential benefits of organic foods on your health exactly?

According to the Mayo Clinic, possible benefits can be seen for the following:
  • Small to moderate increases in a number of nutrients³
  • Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in eggs and dairy³
  • Lower levels of cadmium in grains³
  • Lower amounts of recorded pesticide residues³

A 2011 study that compared organic and conventional foods observed that the level of micronutrients in organic foods was generally higher. This rang especially true for vegetables and legumes that had been grown organically.⁵


Foods for a Balanced Diet

Earth Day 2022 is your opportunity to find your way back to nature. Consuming organic foods can have a big impact on your body, so why waste more time?

If you’re unsure where to start, no worries. Learning about organic foods may seem overwhelming at first but can be so worth the effort.

Here are some examples of just a few organic foods to get you celebrating Earth Day 2022 the right way.


Organic Cacao Powder for Chocolate Lovers

Ever wondered how cacao grows? Let me paint you a picture of the beautiful South American cacao trees to give you an idea.

Imagine a peaceful climate. You feel the breeze in your hair and the sand under your feet. Surrounded by some of the world’s rarest plants, you hear the soothing sound of waves breaking in the distance.

In the midst of this breathtaking panorama grows the cacao tree.

Home to countries and islands around the equator, the cacao tree loves humid regions and prefers shade over direct sunlight.

It grows pods, its oval-shaped fruits, throughout the year and can produce around 20 to 60 beans per pod. These cacao beans are then used for the production of chocolate and cacao powder.⁶

Chocolate is particularly popular in desserts and can enhance many recipes. Sometimes adding just a little bit of cacao powder is enough to get that nice chocolaty flavor.

Whether you’re a brownie lover or you love to drink hot chocolate on cold winter days, cacao is like the metaphorical cherry on top of your whipped cream.

If you’re ready to jump on the cacao train (choo-choo), take a look at our organic cacao powder - certified gluten-free, vegan, with no added sugars. And if you’re as much of a chocolate lover as we are, you might want to check out our organic cacao nibs too.


Eating Coconut Oil

While we’re on the topic of exotic plants and fruits, let’s take a closer look at another gem nature has to offer: the coconut.

Coconuts grow on many continents all around the equator. You can eat their meat and drink their water or milk. But did you know that coconuts are also used for their oil?

There are multiple ways to extract coconut oil from the fruit and respectively, oils will vary slightly. A touch of coconut oil can easily enhance your cooking and add a beautiful flavor to your meal.

Intrigued to start cooking with coconut oil? Use our organic extra virgin coconut oil to bring the tropics straight into your kitchen.


Earth Day 2022 - Final Remarks

Earth Day 2022 is a celebration. It’s a day to reflect on all of what nature has to offer and all it can do for us. Above all, it’s a day to show appreciation for our planet and all things natural.

Only question remaining, my friend - you’re in or you’re out?


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