Halloween 2020: Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating This Year

There’s nothing spookier than a global pandemic, which is why many health officials are advising against trick or treating this year. If you’re opting out of traditional Halloween celebrations this year to keep you and your family safe, there is still fun to be had (and candy to consume). We’ve come up with a few fun alternatives to help keep the Halloween spirit alive!

Be sure to review the CDC’s latest safety guidelines for celebrating holidays and your local government’s recommendations before making any plans. If you do plan to take your kids out, respect peoples’ space and physical distance yourselves from others. Stay within your own community or better yet, celebrate with one of these creative plans!


smiling girl holding bucket of plastic pumpkins

At Home Candy Hunt

Instead of knocking on other people’s doors, hide candy throughout your house for your kids to find. They’ll be happy that they got their candy, and then you can have a movie or games night as a family.


boy and girl sitting on couch in costumes and smiling at a tablet

Virtual Costume Party

We love a good costume party and look forward to dressing up for Halloween every year. Just because you can’t go to a big Halloween bash or your kids can go out, there are other ways you can show off your costume this year. Host a virtual costume party with friends and family. At the very least, dress up with your family and share some photos on social media of you all in your costumes.


Halloween pumpkins being painted

Pumpkin Painting

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition, but if people won’t be out and about to see your jack o’lanterns, why not paint your pumpkins instead? Grab some paint supplies from your local dollar store (if you don’t already have some), and have some fun painting a pumpkin. There are tons of ideas online to inspire you and who knows, you might start a new tradition.


halloween inspired movie theater flat lay

Movie Marathon

Whether you’re into scary horror movies or not, why not spend the evening having a Halloween movie marathon? If costumes aren’t your thing, have everyone put on their coziest jammies for an evening on the couch. Whether you watch spooky thrillers or a family-friendly series, put up some Halloween decor, grab some snacks, and enjoy a unique home theater experience.


halloween decorated sugar cookies

Spooky Treats

Baking is a holiday must, so why not extend that tradition to Halloween too? From candy apples to ‘dirt and worms’ pudding cups, there are tons of family-friendly Halloween treats to enjoy. Turn on a Halloween music playlist and whip up some spooktacular desserts!


Celebrating Halloween is about costumes, candy, and fun — all of which you can still enjoy without the trick or treating! This year, consider these alternatives to celebrate the spooky season. You and your family won’t miss out on the neighborhood trick or treating at all when you find new ways to celebrate at home. Happy Halloween!


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