Happy National Face Mask Day: An Ode to Facial Masks

Face masks are the one skincare product that can literally do it all — balance, tone, moisturize, and cleanse, depending on which one you use, of course. There’s sheet masks, clay masks, foaming masks, and (one of our personal faves) DIY masks! That’s why facemasks deserve a day for some recognition and much needed love.

Sure, there’s #maskingmonday and #facemaskfriday, but facial masks have become everyone’s skincare secret which is why they deserve a national holiday. On August 11, make sure to use your favorite facial mask and celebrate skincare on National Face Mask Day! In honor of this fun and functional celebration, we’re sharing 5 reasons why we love face masks...just in case you needed inspiration to get your glow on!


close up of Charcoal Sheet Masks

1. Simple Skincare

Facial masks address a variety of skin care concerns, depending on the one you choose. Have oily skin? There’s a mask for that. Likewise if your skin is dry, sensitive, or aging, there are face masks out there specially made for your skin concerns! Rather than worrying about which fancy cleanser, toner, or serum you should use for your skin-type, curate your own skincare routine with masks that address your specific concerns. You can make your skincare super simple just by adding a facemask 1-2 times a week to your regimen.


up close texture of black sheet mask

2. Super Serums

Hello, hydration! We LOVE sheet masks — a Korean beauty trend that’s gone global. Most of these thin sheets that cover your face are soaked with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, seaweed extract, and even SNAIL SLIME! Yes, you read that right. Snail mucin is used as a hydrating ingredient to help lock in moisture. All these fancy (and exotic) ingredients are often sold in expensive skin serums, but you know what they say… try before you buy. Using these ingredients in a one-time-use facial mask is a great way to test if those ingredients work well for you.


flatlay of bowl and spoon with charcoal mask with ingredients

3. DIY Clean Beauty Queen

Speaking of skincare ingredients, why buy expensive masks when you can just make your own? Another reason why we heart face masks is you can make hundreds of different masks with simple ingredients you already have at home! Not only is this an affordable option, but it’s a smart one too. You have full control of what’s going into your mask, and on your skin, by choosing only clean and toxin-free beauty ingredients. If you’re concerned about toxins or chemical overload, then DIY masking could be the perfect skincare solution for you! If you’ve always wanted to make your own lotions and potions, try these DIY Beauty Masks perfect for a girls’ night in!


man lying down with cucumber slices over eyes and clay mask on

4. Spa Bliss

If life were fair (or a fairytale), we’d all be jet-setting around the world and spending every weekend at wellness resorts like celebrity-favorite Canyon Ranch. But, life isn’t fair and most of us don’t have the budget for frequent spa visits. That’s where the beauty of face masks come in! No matter where you are, or what you can’t afford, throwing on a face mask can transport you to a blissful spa experience — even if just for 15 minutes! When your wallet won’t allow an extravagant indulgence, pick up a pack of sheet masks and treat yourself to a spa-like facial, all from the comfort of your own home.


woman laying in bed with sheet mask on

5. Self-Care Sunday

The best way to chase away the ‘Sunday Scaries’ is to fill your day with activities you enjoy and partaking in some much-needed self-care. Whether that means going for a hike or doing a 10-step skincare routine is totally up to you, but we love the simple ritual of applying a facemask on a quiet and relaxing Sunday evening. Just before a new week begins, taking the time to use a facemask isn’t just about great skincare. It’s also about setting aside special ‘me-time’ to relax, re-center, and re-balance before a busy week ahead.


Facial masks are a fun and functional way of taking care of your skin and showing yourself some love. On August 11th, pick up (or whip up) your favorite facial mask and celebrate skincare that’s both indulgent and effective. What’s your favorite thing about face masks?

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