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Relaxation Massage – The Perfect Massage Technique & Organic Massage Oil to Make Your Day

Having a rough day? Sometimes life just throws you a curveball, everything is going wrong, and you feel so overwhelmed. But in the middle of all the chaos, don’t forget to still make time for yourself, to recoup, and take a breath. That’s when a relaxation massage is the perfect choice.

man relaxing

Massage for Relaxation - Why It’s a Good Idea

Who wouldn’t want it? A nice relaxing massage that takes you away from the stressors of your everyday life, where you can lose yourself, and catch your breath – even just for a little while.

Massages are a good means for relaxation and can help you escape your hectic work life or take a break from parent mode.

Here are just a few reasons why you should try a massage for relaxation and spoil yourself:

Escape Stress with a Relaxation Massage

Life is busy and not always in a good way. Whether it’s that deadline at work that’s keeping you up late or a disagreement with your significant other about your constantly nagging mother-in-law.

We’ve all been there – whether we want it or not, occasional stress happens.

While we may be working on our wellness with breathing and meditation techniques, we can all agree that it’s impossible to avoid all our stressors. Learning to deal with occasional stress in healthy ways is therefore our best option.

So why not escape for a while and indulge in a relaxation massage that allows you to forget your worries and recharge your battery? Make time for yourself for a change and spoil yourself. You work hard, so know that you’ve earned it!

Relax Your Achy Back & Sore Muscles with a Massage

Do you have one of those fun office jobs where you’re tied to your chair 8 hours a day? Your eyes are tired and your back and neck are stiff. Looking at a screen all day can do that to you, especially when combined with an overall lack of movement throughout the day.

But there are other tasks that can pull a strain on your body too. Whether you do a lot of heavy lifting at work or are enjoying parent-life full force by carrying around your puffy-cheeked toddler all day. Truth be told, many people struggle with a stiff back and tired muscles.

Taking the time to do something about your achy muscles is crucial for your well-being. Enjoy a massage for relaxation purposes and give your back a break.

Sleep Like a Baby After Your Relaxation Massage

Applying rhythmic pressure to your sore muscles can do much more than loosen the tension. A massage for relaxation is pure bliss.

Massage therapy from a registered massage therapist can aid in managing your neck and back stiffness, supporting blood circulation, and provide us with a good night’s sleep. But how exactly does sleep play into it?

When you hit the spa, know that a massage can calm your mind, alongside relaxing your body. Your body feels heavier and relaxed but at the same time, you feel like a weight has been lifted off of you – so you can sleep like a baby and get the rest you need.

woman enjoying a massage

Which Massage Technique Can Relax You

We can all agree that a massage can be very relaxing but there are many wildly different massage techniques. Which one is right for you and how can you tell?

Here are four great massage techniques you can see a massage therapist for or simply have your partner try a variation of them as part of a date night venture.

(1) Kneading

A traditional massage technique for tense muscles, kneading involves applying pressure to tissues and lifting - think of kneading bread dough. Ranging from circular to parallel motion, kneading can be performed on deep and superficial tissue. 

This massage technique can aid in relaxing tight muscles and alleviating muscle tension. By helping to loosen tight muscles, it may also help with flexibility. If your partner is doing this at home, it’s always best to stay superficial and focus on connection and relaxation; it’s best to leave the deep tissue massages that focus on improving flexibility to the professionals. 

If you’re tense from sitting at your desk all day or don’t find the time to incorporate regular movement because of your long work hours, the kneading technique can help get rid of some of your unpleasant muscle stiffness.

(2) Compression

Compression is a very straightforward massage technique that’s easy, yet effective. By simply using your hands together to “compress” or insert pressure on larger muscle areas, learning this massage technique is a breeze.

If you’re experiencing muscle soreness after your workout or have tight muscle from your last run to the gym, compression can help you. Deep tissue compression, in particular, uses high-pressure strokes to reach more internal muscle layers; this is best done by your RMT or physiotherapist.

(3) Friction

As is common with other massage techniques, applying friction can help with healthy blood circulation, tight muscles and soreness. However, friction as a technique is especially popular to use around joints – marking areas of adhesion for your muscles and tendons.¹

Applied in a perpendicular (right degree angle) manner to tissue fiber, you’ll use your fingers to insert pressure with this massage technique.¹ We find this technique is one best left to the professionals as it requires more knowledge of muscle structure and can come with a bit of pain - the opposite of what you’re looking for with your relaxing at home massage. 

(4) Circular Stroking or Effleurage

Effleurage is nothing but a nerdy word for a circular-stroke massage technique. As it’s incredibly relaxing, many massage therapists will open their massage with effleurage using their flat hands – applying light pressure on your back through circular strokes.²

This massage technique is a great opportunity to let go of your worries, calm your mind, and just feel the weight on your shoulders fade away. Focus on your breathing, let go of any uneasy feeling you have, and enjoy pure relaxation.

Effleurage is commonly used as part of a Swedish Massage as it’s light on your muscles and can help with soreness.²

massage oil scented and unscented

Organic Massage Oil - How Important is the Right Oil?

If you’re going to indulge yourself in a massage for relaxation, so you can happily sink into your pillows at bedtime, take your time to really find the right massage oil for yourself.

As oils can differ by ingredients and properties, using organic massage oil is worth consideration. So, if you’re going to get a rubdown from your partner, you might as well do it right.

What Ingredients Are Used?

Many organic massage oils contain a combination of oils that are often from plant extracts. Oils can vary from fractionated coconut oil to avocado oil, to sweet almond oil. But there are countless more.

Popular organic massage oils often include cold-pressed oils like jojoba oil. As there’s no heat used in the production of these oils, cold-pressed oils are often viewed as more pure.

Some organic massage oils may also include delightful scents from plant extracts like lavender, geranium or even eucalyptus.

What Does Organic Even Mean?

But what’s the deal with organic massage oil? “Organic” simply refers to oil derived through organic farming – a term used for farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers or traditional pesticides.³

In short, the ingredients used in organic massage oil are naturally-derived and therefore, organic massage oil is frequently associated with a more natural way to achieve relaxation.

Try Our Organic Massage Oil

Ready to try a delightful organic massage oil that’s gentle on your skin and allows for a smooth massage?

Made for a soothing and relaxing massage experience, our organic massage oil is made with organic jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.

To touch more of your senses, we’ve added a light lavender scent to enhance the experience. But if you’re sensitive to scents or want to create a custom blend for a unique experience, no worries – this massage oil is available unscented as well.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to recharge and relax.

Remember: the actual massage makes up for only half the relaxation – being in a quiet, calm environment, using the right oil with naturally-derived ingredients, and surrounding yourself with nature’s most soothing scents makes the second. 


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