May 15, 2020

An important note

No dietary supplement will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

With the 2019 coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle modification other than social distancing and proper hygiene practices can help protect you from COVID-19.

Currently, no research supports the use of any supplement to protect against COVID-19 specifically.


At the frontlines of keeping you healthy is your immune system. It has a number of ways to detect anything it recognizes as foreign to your body. Your white blood cells are the real superstars, working on foreign bodies and building antibodies for the future. The point is, your immune system is busy working 24/7 to keep you healthy.

In an ideal world, there would be no germs, but we know that isn’t our reality. The best way to take care of yourself in this day and age is to properly wash your hands with soap and water. Get into the habit of doing this often — for your own benefit and for others! To further support your immune system, take care of your body with proper sleep, nutrition, and stress management.*

You can complement your diet with vitamin and nutritional supplements known to support a healthy immune system.* Our new Elderberry Immunity formula features Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry, and Ginger. These are key ingredients that support immune health and function.* Learn more about our new formula below:

elderberry 5 in 1 immunity support


This new 5-in-1 formula is an excellent source of Vitamins C and D, and provides antioxidant protection.* Everyone knows that antioxidants are good, but you may not realize that antioxidants play an important role in your immune system.¹* They’re needed to fight free radicals which can cause damage to the cells in your body.¹*



An important ingredient in our Immunity formula, elderberries are the fruit of theSambucus tree. Native to most of Europe and North America, this flowering shrub produces clusters of dark purple berries that become edible when boiled. This plant has long been used as a medicinal plant by traditional herbalists with the berries being used in teas, tinctures, and syrup.


Zinc is an essential mineral that your body does not make on its own. For this reason, you need to get zinc from food or in the form of a supplement such as multi-vitamins or zinc supplements. Zinc is required for several different processes in your body including immune function.* In fact, it’s crucial for the development and function of immune cells.²*

elderberry 5 in 1 immunity support


When it comes to taking supplements to support your wellbeing, things can add up. No one wants to be taking a handful of pills at a time. That’s why we created this 5-in-1 formula to provide you with the key ingredients to support your immune system, in one unique supplement.* As a rich source of Vitamins C and D, you get the antioxidants you need for cellular defence and normal immune function.*


Try our Elderberry Immunity supplement today!

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¹Bendich, A. (1993).J Dairy Sci. 76(9):2789-94.

²Prasad, A. (2008). Mol Med. 14(5-6):353-357.

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