Ode to Java

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you know that drinking coffee is basically a religious act. It’s your morning routine, your afternoon break, and the perfect beverage to bring people together. In honor of International Coffee Day (October 1), we’re celebrating one of the most popular beverages in the world, and our personal favorite, coffee. Here are 8 reasons why we have total heart eyes for coffee:

woman drinking coffee

1. It wakes you up

Thanks to its caffeine content, coffee gives you a mental boost so that you feel focused and energized right from the get-go. Sometimes, coffee really is the only thing that helps get us going!

coffee cake

2. A perfect pair

The natural bitterness of coffee is the perfect balance with sweets and treats. Coffee cake, donuts, banana bread, and muffins just wouldn’t be the same without a hot cup of joe.

woman at desk drinking coffee

3. Break time

Grabbing a cup of coffee is the perfect mid-morning break. Stepping away from your desk for a few minutes can actually help with productivity by giving you a small mental break and a burst of energy from moving around. Sounds good to us!

group of friends at coffee shop

4. It brings friends together

Conversations and coffee are a match made in heaven. Going out for coffee is a social ritual that opens the door to conversation, connection, and more! We’d be lying if we said coffee dates aren’t our favorite dates.

different types of coffee

5. The taste

From dark to light roasts, mochas to macchiatos, there’s a type of coffee for everyone. Whether you like your espresso straight up or with steamed milk and vanilla syrup, enjoy a drink that’ll tickle your tastebuds.

freshly roasted coffee

6. Fragrance

Oh, the smell of freshly ground coffee! Spicy, fruity, earthy, nutty...there are a dozen different aromas that coffee offers up. But one of the coolest things about the smell of coffee? It’s a nasal palate cleanser! When smelling different colognes, perfumes, or scents, sniffing coffee beans in between keeps your nose it tip-top sniffing condition.

coffee latte art

7. It’s an art form

Watching lattes being poured is downright addictive. Even more so, watching the fine craft of latte art. Did you know that there are even latte art championships? Seriously! If you love latte art as much as we do, check out @designerlattes, @brandonyap, and @gonta_no_latteart for your daily fix.

coffee scrub

8. Beauty DIY

After you savor your cuppa joe, use the coffee grounds to give your beauty routine a perk. Coffee grounds can be used in a DIY exfoliating lip scrub, under-eye mask, and invigorating body buffer.

Check out these easy DIY beauty recipes:


Ignoring the fact that we may have a serious caffeine addiction, we’ll be celebrating today with our favorite brew. How about you? Here’s to the beverage that keeps us going, cheers!



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