September Self-Care: 3 Non-Negotiables For Your Well-being

Making self-care a priority is one of the best things you can do for your well-being, especially now. While most of us thought the pandemic would be over and done, it’s sinking in that this ‘new normal’ will be here for a while. So, let’s just be honest...going through a global pandemic has been hard! Not only do you have your regular daily stress from work and other responsibilities, but now there’s home-schooling, health fears, remote work, job loss, and social isolation, many of which come with high emotional demands.

When it comes to stressful times, self-care is usually the first to go. You sacrifice your ‘me-time’ and healthy habits start to slip. But, hear us out, self-care should ALWAYS be a non-negotiable — especially during unpredictable times. As summer ends and the kids head back to school, now is the perfect time to establish self-care boundaries and routines that work for you. Regardless of if you’re a parent, teacher, or a single twenty-something, self-care is critical to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Here are 3 keys to prioritizing self-care that you can use this September:


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1. Recharge

Figuring out what restores you is the best starting point for your self-care. You don’t need to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do, but rather schedule time for things that make you feel rested and restored. For some, this means quiet time alone from others. Introverts tend to need alone time to recharge, so solo activities would be best to work into your weekly routine. Extroverts, on the other hand, are re-energized by other people, and so social activities will help you feel recharged.

The pandemic has affected introverts and extroverts in different ways, with some finding they have little-to-no alone time and others feeling extremely isolated and alone. The key is to figure out what restores you and then, how you can include that in your weekly self-care. With restrictions still in place, you’ll have to get creative with social interactions, but make them a priority if that’s what you need.


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2. Time Management

Yes, we all want more hours in the day. No, we can’t make this happen. When we constantly feel like we have no time to do anything, it’s stressful and our self-care activities go out the window. It’s been said that if you don’t make time for your health, you’ll have to make time for your sickness. Following a self-care and wellness routine can sometimes seem overwhelming, but if you don’t make time for these things now, you may regret it later. While it requires a bit of discipline, it’s important to take control of your time as much as possible, by setting boundaries and schedules for yourself.

This month, make a list of just one or two things you NEED to take care of yourself. Then, open up your calendar and schedule these things in. If you need to prioritize sleep, for example, then set up a reminder for your bedtime each night. If you want to join an online yoga class twice a week, put that into your calendar too. Adding these activities makes it more likely you’ll stick to it, and you’ll be able to manage your time better, throughout the rest of the day, as well. That will translate to feeling more in control and less stressed on a day-to-day basis!


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3. Support System

When it comes to prioritizing your own health and wellness, your loved ones can make or break you. It’s important to get your friends and family on your side, to support your self-care activities and respect your boundaries. If you’re a parent, it can be especially difficult finding time for your own self-care. But by making it a priority, you’re setting the example of caring about your health and wellness, which is a value you’ll (hopefully) want to pass along to your kids.

This month, tell your significant other, kids, parents, or friends that you’re working on your self-care. Share why it’s important for you to follow (ie. it helps you manage stress, recharge, and feel good about yourself) and what exactly you’re making a priority. Sharing this can help your loved ones understand why you may need some time alone, or why you want to spend quality time with them! Your loved ones care about you, so when you share why this is important to you, they’ll be more likely to support you and help out however they can.


This pandemic has been stressful for everyone, with each individual battling their own personal struggles. Now that summer is over, it’s the perfect time to re-establish self-care activities and prioritize your own health and wellness. What is the most important thing you can do for your own wellbeing?

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1 September 25, 2020

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