September Skincare Essentials

September means new school schedules and the transition into a new season — fall. The autumn season is a time when the air gets a little cooler, the sky gets a little darker, the leaves start to change, and we all embrace the cozy fall vibes! With changing seasons, you should always change your skincare routine, too.

Changing weather, climate, and your environment have an effect on your skin and as a result, something you need to adapt to. As we get ready for the cooler season, there are a few changes you can make to your skincare routine. Here are 3 essentials for your September skincare!


viva naturals organic rosehip oil

1. Facial Oil

The summer sun (as glorious as it feels) can have a damaging effect on your skin. September is a great time to start applying skincare that is rejuvenating and skin-nourishing. Rosehip oil comes from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, and is loaded with vitamins A and E, the carotenoid compound lycopene, and essential fatty acids. It’s been clinically studied to reduce the appearance of scars and photo-aged skin when used consistently for a minimum of 3 weeks, and can also improve the texture and quality of your skin with consistent use.

This month, consider adding a facial oil like rosehip oil to your skincare regimen to help nourish your sun-kissed skin. Oil can help lock moisture in, so apply it as a last step after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with your favorite serum or lotion.


viva naturals organic castor oil

2. Lash & Brow Serum

Let’s be honest, with mask-wearing during this pandemic, it’s the year of the eyes! Show off your brows and lashes by applying a little bit of Castor Oil each day. With its thick consistency, castor oil can make lashes and brows look longer and fuller, all while moisturizing and softening!

This month, use castor oil as a natural serum each morning and evening. For lashes, apply from the base to the tips, brushing through every strand. For easy application, use a mascara tube and a brush (which we include an assortment of in Viva Naturals Organic Castor Oil). Use a separate brush and apply to your brows in the same way. Be sure to avoid eye contact which may cause irritation and remember, a little goes a long way!


3. Moisturizing Mask

Who would have thought that when we mention masks, most of us now think about the medical surgical masks that only doctors used to wear. 2020 is weird. Anyways, let’s not forget about BEAUTY masks like moisturizing sheet masks. After a sunny season, the air starts to get cooler and drier come fall. That’s why we recommend using a moisturizing mask to help hydrate your skin.

Our Charcoal Sheet Masks are perfect for both dry and oily skin types. Even if your skin tends to be on the oily side, you still need moisture! In fact, keeping your skin hydrated can help prevent excess oil production which leads to oily skin. No matter your skin type, moisturizing should always be part of your skincare routine. Our Charcoal Sheet Masks come in a set of 8 masks, to help you Glow, Revitalize, Brighten & Soothe!


With September in full swing, don’t forget to transition your skincare as the seasons change. Your skin needs nourishing oils and masks to help hydrate and stay happy! How do you change your beauty routine in the fall? Share your secrets below!


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