Spring has officially sprung! After an especially long year of staying in, we’re welcoming this new season with wide open arms. We’re ready to embrace everything and anything spring, including one of the longest standing traditions of this season, spring cleaning. Even if you are the furthest thing from a neat freak, there’s no denying the freedom you feel from tidying up your space. Cleaning up the dust and clutter can help shake off the winter blues and welcome the season of new beginnings.

This year, we challenge you to step up your cleaning game by not only focusing on your space but your routine, as well. This past year has reminded us how important our health and well-being are. What better time to hit the reset on your routine?

If you want to feel your best this spring, both inside and out, here are 4 tips to help you spring clean your routine:

pantry shelves with food cannisters and Viva Naturals food products

1. Pantry Refresh

During this season, we clear out our wardrobes of winter jumpers and jackets, store away heavy blankets, and thoroughly clean nooks and crannies that may have been neglected since last spring. Spring cleaning is not just about rejuvenation and revival; it's also an opportunity to evaluate what we possess. Naturally, this practice should extend into the kitchen, prompting us to examine the contents of our pantry.

Cold weather often makes us crave warm and comforting foods. But now, Spring brings with it a fresh start and is the perfect time for a pantry purge! Swap out your winter comfort food stash for these Five Multi-purpose Pantry Picks or learn more about superfoods and how to incorporate some of them in your balanced diet. Staples like quinoa and chia seeds offer great nutrition and even better versatility (Quinoa Breakfast Cookies, anyone?).

2. Full Fridge

Spring is the perfect time to eat local, in-season produce. With fresh veggies starting to sprout and farmer’s markets opening up, there’s no excuse not to enjoy this season’s best offerings. Fill up your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables to reset your eating routine. Swap out your winter root vegetable sides for fresh salads to help you feel your best!

couple applying cream to face in front of bathroom mirror

3. Better Beauty

Spring cleaning your beauty routine is a simple step to help you feel better inside and out! Make sure to get rid of expired makeup and skincare products, or anything else that’s no longer serving you. Consider starting a new self-care routine this season. Whether it’s committing to washing and moisturizing your face each night, applying SPF every morning, or trying out a new beauty supplement, spring is the perfect time to better your beauty.

woman and little girl smiling and working on potting plants together

4. Swap Screen Time

After a long winter of hibernating on your couch, it’s time to ditch the screens. Curb your Netflix habit and replace it with something more energizing and productive. Whether it’s going for a walk outside right after work or reading a new book, we promise that replacing your screen time with a new healthy habit will put the pep in your step this spring!


Spring has always been symbolic for new beginnings, which is why it’s the perfect time to hit the reset button on your health and wellness routine. After a long and difficult winter, what are you most excited about for spring? Share with us in the comments below and how you plan to spring clean your routine!


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