Stay Motivated While Working From Home This Summer

When working from home due to COVID-19 first became a reality for many, we shared our best tips to help you Stay Productive When Working From Home. But we’ll be the first to admit, working from home during the summer is tough. Being cooped up indoors isn’t fun and we’d much rather be soaking up the sun than working away on our laptops.

Add in the fact that fatigue from social distancing has set in and it’s easy to see how many of us have become disengaged from our work. We’re tired of being at home day in and day out. We’re missing the work banter, water cooler talks, after-work socials, and company BBQs.

But this is our reality and it's your job to keep yourself engaged. Yes it’s hard, but you CAN stay motivated working from home this summer. Simple tweaks to your schedule can help you beat those summer blues. Here are five of the best ways to stay motivated while you work from home.


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1. Early Riser

As tempting as it is to sleep in when you’re working from home, consider starting earlier during these summer months. If your company offers flex hours, start work an hour earlier for the next month so that you can finish an hour earlier too. This schedule leaves you with more daylight to head outside to your balcony, backyard, or nearby park after work. (Just make sure you’re continuing to socially distance when you head outside!) If flex hours aren’t an option, ask if you can work through lunch one day a week so you can finish work an hour earlier.


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2. Sunshine Breaks

If you’re getting sick of your daily routine, consider rescheduling your time to allow for a sunshine break mid-day. If your work routine allows, go for a quick walk or eat your lunch in the backyard. This change in schedule allows you to take advantage of the sunshine while still working a full day and accomplishing all your daily tasks.


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3. Treat Yo’Self

When you can’t seem to stay focused, it’s time to call in some positive reinforcement. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish for the day (or week) and when you check everything off, have a reward for yourself. It could be small and simple like having a bowl of ice cream or calling your friend. Or if you really need a boost in productivity, make it a must-have item you’ve been eyeing for awhile. Whether it’s a new piece of furniture, upgraded electronics, or comfy loungewear, rewards create an extra incentive for you to work hard. When motivation starts to fade, remind yourself of your goals and what you’ll get when you achieve them!



4. Change It Up

Following a routine is important for creating good habits, but making small tweaks to your workday might be exactly what you need to help keep things fresh. Take advantage of flex hours (if that is an option), switch up the order of your daily tasks, or make changes to your workspace. When it comes to your schedule, small changes can be refreshing and re-ignite your motivation. If you find that doesn’t help, it might be time to take some time off. Book a day off and do something fun and relaxing to push the reset button on your energy and mental focus.


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5. Plan A Vacation

Yes, international travel is off the table right now. But you can do one of two things — plan a local camping trip or plan a vacation you can take when this pandemic is completely behind us. Both options are fun and exciting, it really just depends how much patience you have! If you’re really itching for a vacation, consider heading into the woods for a socially distanced adventure. If tents aren’t your thing, consider renting a cabin for more comfortable accommodations. Just be sure to check if the area is a safe place to travel, and please...if you’re feeling sick, stay home!


These five tips can help keep you focused during the summer when you’re stuck inside work from home. We know that the social distancing and staying home is getting old, but everyone’s health and safety depends on it. Try these tips to stay motivated this summer and make the best of this unique and once-in-a-lifetime situation. What keeps you focused while working from home?

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