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Vegan Melatonin Gummies for Kids: Help Your Little One Sleep*

You know it all too well. The sleepless nights and the restless turning from one side to the other. Your little one can’t sleep and, unfortunately, that means neither can you. 

Ever heard of melatonin gummies? Well, they might just help give your child back their goodnight’s sleep.* Sounds great, eh? 

It’s so important for your little one to get some rest at night, so they’re not tired throughout the day.* Melatonin gummies specifically made for kids can help your child get the rest they need.* And when your child gets their rest, so can you!

illustration of brain and sleep

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that’s secreted by your pineal gland at night.¹ It’s considered a very diverse hormone that has an array of effects and functions.²

Melatonin’s primary function in your body is to read the day-night cycle and to enable you to sleep at night. Therefore, melatonin levels begin to rise towards the evening hours. And vice versa, during the day, more specifically during daylight hours, your melatonin levels will drop.³

Located in your brain, the pineal gland releases melatonin based on the light-dark rhythm. It, therefore, constitutes a cornerstone for your circadian clock - your inner clock that controls your wake-sleep cycle.⁴

While your body produces melatonin naturally to help you sleep, melatonin is also available as a dietary supplement. 

Today, there are various types of melatonin, like melatonin in lower potencies made for kids in particular. Even vegan melatonin gummies are now available for all the fans of plant-based eating.

father and child at airport

What is Melatonin Used For?

While nobody likes to be disturbed at night, children sometimes just can’t help it.* The struggle is real: occasional sleep disturbances are normal for kids.* Regrettably, this frequently leads to disturbing other family members as well.

And let’s not forget that it helps reset your inner clock, which can get out of whack quickly. This rings especially true for those of us experiencing jet lag.³* 

Ever thought about taking a family vacation out of the country, but you’re worried that traveling to a different timezone with your kids isn’t such a good idea? Traveling can cause your children to develop jet lag and disturb their inner clock.* Especially if your trip spans multiple time zones.

If you want to be able to adjust your kids’ sleep cycle and save yourself some energy struggling with their sleep disturbances, melatonin might be a good solution.*

child sleeping while studying

Melatonin for Kids

Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about melatonin for kids. Why should you consider using melatonin for your little ones, how does it work, and why is sleep so important for children?

Why Use Melatonin for Kids?

There are countless reasons why children can have occasional sleep disturbances.* Whatever the root cause, the fact is your child’s lack of sleep will affect their daytime activities.* 

Getting too little sleep can not only impact your child’s mood, but it can also affect their performance at home and at school.*

On top of that, add your lack of sleep due to staying up with your kid. It’s a constant battle trying to stay awake to get your work done. Trust me, we hear you!

For most kids with occasional sleep disturbances, melatonin is considered safe to take.* 

Science indicates that melatonin can help make falling asleep a faster and smoother process.* And if you’ve already gone through a number of rough nights, doesn’t that sound great to you?

You may have tried to set a bedtime routine, read many goodnight stories, and pulled out every other trick in the book - yet you’ve seen little success at times. Consult with your child’s healthcare practitioner first, but giving 1 mg of melatonin to your kid may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.* 

Get your sleep back - for you and your child.*

So, How Does it Work?

Melatonin supplements and the effect they have on our bodies are very similar to our own natural melatonin.* On restless nights, when your child is having difficulties falling asleep, 1 mg of melatonin gummies may be able to top up your child’s needs.*

Adjusting the inner clock can then help your child sleep at night.*

Why Is Sleep So Important for Children? 

Sleep allows your child to rest and recharge.* This is important for your child’s well-being.*

As a result, your child is more rested, which will set them (and you) up for a better day.*

Feeling well-rested can help your child focus more on their schoolwork and enjoy their extracurricular activities more. 

You’ll also be able to plan your days out better when your child gets his goodnight’s sleep. It can be exhausting changing plans, again and again, to squeeze in naps.

We think you’ll agree that sleep is very important for our kids. Getting enough sleep can make a huge difference in our kids’ lives and is an important factor in allowing them to experience a full and happy childhood. 

child about to eat gummy vitamin

Benefits of Melatonin Gummies for Kids*: Let’s Settle the Pill vs. Gummy Debate 

There are pros and cons to both the pill form used for adults and melatonin gummies used for kids.

Melatonin pills are usually plain with little to no flavor. You’ll need some fluids to get them down. Even adults can struggle with pills at times, especially the elderly.

And this is why, for kids, melatonin gummies are the clear choice! 

What you need to know about melatonin gummies for kids:

  • they’re nice and soft, meaning your child can chew them easily
  • they’re designed with a yummy flavor that encourages your child not to spit it out
  • they come in a variety of vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO options, so you don’t have to sacrifice your child’s dietary preferences

Actually, they might be a little too yummy, so make sure to let your child know they’re not candy. Either way, your kid will thank you for this treat before bed. 

No worries though, parents. A child-resistant cap helps to ensure that your child won’t be able to take more than the one gummy you give them before bedtime.

melatonin gummies

Melatonin Gummies for Kids: Some Perks 

At Viva Naturals, we strive to help you as much as we can. We know what it’s like to be a parent and we want you to get your well-deserved rest at the end of a long workday.

Easy to chew and with a yummy strawberry flavor, our Kids Sleep Melatonin Gummies are made just for the littles. And if you’re looking for vegan melatonin gummies, we got you covered! 

To give you additional peace of mind, our vegan melatonin gummies have been third-party tested and may help your child get the rest they need.*

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 and find out more about our dietary supplements. 

Please bear in mind that your child should take only one melatonin gummy 30 minutes before bedtime. Children should be supervised while chewing the gummies. Gummies can be a choking hazard and are only recommended for short-term use for children three years and up. Be sure to consult your child’s healthcare practitioner prior to using this product. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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