Why Everyone’s Talking About Rosehip Oil

If you’re a clean-beauty junkie, you’ve probably heard of the white-hot wonders of rosehip oil.

Not to be confused with rose oil, rosehip oil comes from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, while rose oil is made from rose petals. Rosehip oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins A and E, the antioxidant lycopene, and essential fatty acids. It’s a heavenly blend that even celebrities obsess over!

Read on to learn more about this bombshell beauty basic, and how you can use rosehip oil as part of your daily skincare ritual.

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Skin Repair

Dry skin is itchy, red, and downright miserable! Let the moisture rain down on your skin with rosehip oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids that play a key role in boosting hydration.

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Turn Back Time

Too much fun in the sun over the years? Good news: rosehip oil has been proven to reduce the appearance of scars and photo-aged skin, helping to bring back that post vacation-vibe.

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Silky Smooth

Soft and smooth is the holy grail of sublime skin. Rosehip oil knows just what to do, and it’s have been proven time and again to improve the texture and quality of your skin.

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Optimal Absorption

Rosehip oil is actually considered to be a “dry” oil. Say what? That just means it absorbs easily without leaving a greasy residue. That’s why it’s our go-to for easy DIY skin serum recipes!

DIY Rejuvenating Rosehip Face Serum Recipe

When mixed with jojoba and vitamin E oils, the rosehip oil in this DIY face serum can improve your skin’s moisture levels, leaving you with soft and supple-looking skin.

4 tsp rosehip oil
3 tsp jojoba oil
¼ tsp vitamin E oil
2-3 drops of essential oils of your choice (optional)
1 oz amber glass bottle with dropper lid

1. Place oils into a glass dropper bottle. Seal completely and gently roll the bottle to mix.
2. Use ¼ – ½ dropper of serum daily. For best results, apply at night after cleansing.



We love how rosehip oil makes our skin look and feel. How do you like to use rosehip oil in your skincare routine?

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1 September 25, 2020

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