As an informed consumer, you want to know where your products come from. When you’re buying products to support your health, it’s important to make sure you can trust the quality—and the company. We get it: we want the same for ourselves and our families. It’s been our motivation since day one.

Making Wellness Possible Since 2011

With over a decade of experience developing great health and wellness products, we’ve figured out how to do it just right. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to high standards for quality, potency and safety—standards we never compromise on. 

We don’t cut corners, and we only deliver products that we’re proud of. Our products are thoughtfully formulated, rigorously tested, and offer a range of certifications so you know exactly what you’re getting. Quality is our obsession. And we’re committed to delivering the best to you. 

Quality You Can Trust

From product ideation to manufacturing, we’ve got high standards that we never compromise. Our Product Developers are always looking for the best ingredients, and each of our products are thoughtfully formulated for quality and affordability. All of our ingredients are Non-GMO. 

We only select facilities that meet our own high standards of production processes.  All of our manufacturing facilities follow cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Processes). 

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and formulas, so we can deliver you the ingredients and products that you love. 

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

When we develop a product, we make sure to use ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced from their best-known locales. It’s part of our commitment to Making the World A Better Place. 

By prioritizing people over profits, we pledge to support the health and prosperity of local economies, and our planet. And we never test on animals. 

Third-Party Testing

We rigorously test our products with our internal Quality Assurance and Product Development teams, to ensure they meet our high standards for purity, potency, sensory and quality. 

But our testing doesn’t end there. All of our products are tested externally after manufacturing as well. When you purchase a Viva Naturals product, you can feel confident that it’s been third party tested to ensure it contains exactly what’s on the label. 

No Frills, Just The Facts

We know you want simple products with benefits that are easy to understand, at prices that don’t break the bank. That’s why we strive for clarity and accessibility with every product we develop. 

With nutrition and supplement fact labels that are clear and easy to read and a wide range of product certifications, we keep it simple so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

Our Promise To You

Part of being Obsessed With Finding a Better Way means that we’re constantly looking for ways to improve. We’re here to deliver you the products you love—and that means listening to the input you give us. 

Our dedicated Customer Care team is committed to ensuring that every experience you have with Viva Naturals is excellent. They take your feedback directly to our Quality Assurance and Product Development teams, so that we can implement changes immediately. 

If you’re not happy with something, we want to know how to make it better. Or, if you love a product, let us know so we can give you more of what you’re looking for. At Viva Naturals, your satisfaction, health and well-being are our biggest priorities. That’s our promise.