4 Ways to Support Your Skin Barrier This Winter

Your skin moisture barrier is responsible for maintaining the hydration of your skin and is crucial to overall skin health. In the winter months, the changing weather can weaken your skin’s moisture barrier. There are several environmental factors that explain why the winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin’s moisture barrier:

  • Winter weather brings cold, dry air that may lead to moisture loss in your skin
  • Indoor heating systems further zap moisture out of the air, contributing to more dry air
  • Long, hot showers can strip your skin of its natural oils, weakening the moisture barrier
  • People tend to drink less water in the winter, which contributes to dehydrated skin

Despite the cold winter weather, there are many ways you can support your skin's moisture barrier and reduce the threat of dry and dehydrated skin. Here are 4 ways to support your skin barrier this winter:

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1. Heavy Duty Moisturizer

As winter dryness causes moisture loss, it can impact every skin type — even combination and oily skin. Applying a daily moisturizer is key to locking in moisture and supporting your skin barrier. Try switching to a heavier moisturizer during the winter months to help protect your skin from the dry air. Emollient-rich facial oils (like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Rosehip Oil) are also great at locking in moisture after applying your regular lotion.


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2. Sleep With A Humidifier On

If you’ve ever used a humidifier when you’re sick, you know that it can help ease nasal congestion by increasing the moisture in the air. Likewise, a humidifier can help support your skin’s moisture during the winter when both indoor and outdoor air is more dry. If the dry air tends to bother you at night, this is definitely a solution you should try!


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3. Eat Hydrating Foods

If drinking lots of water during the cold winter months doesn’t sound appealing, try to get some simple hydration from the foods you eat. Fruits and vegetables tend to have higher water content that make great snacks throughout the day. If you’re craving some warmth, try homemade soups, broths, and herbal teas for some added hydration.


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4. Cut Back On Alcohol & Caffeine

Both coffee and alcohol are diuretics. They cause your body to produce more urine, which means you lose sodium and water. When you lose too much sodium and water, you become dehydrated. The result? Moisture loss from your skin as your body takes water anywhere it can including your skin! If you’re concerned with dry skin, moderate how much alcohol and caffeine you consume, and be sure to drink water and eat hydrating foods to counteract their effects.


The winter weather threatens your skin moisture barrier with dry air both indoors and out. But, with a little self-care and minor adjustments to your routine, your skin can stay hydrated all year round!

How do you support your skin during the cold winter months?


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