5 Things We’re Thankful For This Year

With American Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re taking some time to reflect on the past year. As unique and challenging as 2020 has been, there’s still LOTS to be thankful for when you take the time to think about it! From big life lessons to enjoying life’s simple pleasures, here are the top five things we’re especially thankful for this year.

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1. Slower Mornings

Like many others around the world, our office switched to working from home back in March. While a huge adjustment, there’s something to be said about this new routine. For one, we definitely have more time in the mornings now that our commutes are gone. Whether that means getting some more shut-eye, fitting in a yoga practice, or having breakfast with our family, we’re enjoying the extra time we have on weekday mornings.

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2. Time in Nature

Let’s be honest, when we were in the throes of lockdown, our activity options were seriously limited. But as a result, we’ve learned the importance of simple, daily activity and we've found that going for walks is the perfect solution. We’ve learned to value the beauty of our surroundings and take advantage of time in nature. Being able to breathe fresh air, enjoy a change of scenery, and stretch out our legs has been a lifesaver for so many of us. Moving forward, we’ll continue to appreciate nice weather when we have it and the beauty of the world around us!


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3. Family

Something we seriously undervalued before this pandemic was the support of our families. From childcare to financial and emotional support, family has been there for us in so many different ways. If nothing else, this year has taught us how important love and human connection really are. We’re so thankful for our loved ones for checking in on us and reaching out to help when needed.

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4. Technology

And speaking of human connection, we don’t know where we’d be without the ability to communicate with others remotely. From FaceTime to Google Hangouts, technology has given us the tools to stay in touch with family and friends even while isolated and socially distanced. For those of us living alone or far away from family, we truly felt the value of online communications when travelling was out of the question.


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5. Home Sweet Home

Our homes have been a safe haven — quite literally — throughout this pandemic. While we all became a little restless staying at home for so long, there is still the fact that our homes helped to keep us safe. We’re grateful for cozy couches, warm beds, stocked pantries, and personal touches that make our space ours. When there’s been so much going on in the outside world, it’s nice to know that our home is a safe place.


2020 will certainly be one for the books (and one we really don’t want to repeat). But despite the pandemic and social unrest, this crazy year has taught us the value of love, family, and human connection. We’re grateful for being able to connect with others, even when physically separated, and for the safe haven that our homes provide.

What are you most grateful for this year?



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