5 Ways to Be a Low-Key Eco Superhero

They’re everywhere. In your bathroom, your kitchen, even your bedroom. Every day, you’re surrounded by teeny, tiny eco-saving opportunities that can have a not-so-little impact on the environment. Conserving water, saving energy, and keeping the earth clean is easier than you think. The best part is, not only will you be doing your part for a cleaner, greener future, but you can save yourself a lot of cash, too. Here are five simple things you can do on the down-low to keep the planet on the up and up:

father and daughter brushing their teeth

Tap Out While Toothbrushing

One of the most effective Earth-saving hacks is also one of the simplest: turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised at how many gallons of perfectly clean water are needlessly wasted every day. Spoiler: it’s a lot.

man in shower washing hair

H2 Whoa

Speaking of water wastage, how long are your showers? Long, hot showers are a universally guilty pleasure, but cutting even a few minutes off your shower time can save hundreds of gallons of water per year. Small sacrifice, big win.

woman closing curtains

Throw Some Shade

It’s easy to reach for the AC as temperatures rise, and your home gets warmer and warmer. But, before you crank that dial, draw your blinds, curtains, and shades. Limiting the sunlight coming in through the windows is an easy way to keep your space cooler, minimize energy use, and keep your utility bills down, too.

woman in park cleaning up trash

Take a Walk, Bring a Bag

There are two things you’re almost guaranteed to encounter while out walking: litter, and trash cans. Sadly, they’re not always in the same place. Next time you head out for a stroll, take a bag with you. Picking up even one piece of litter can make a big difference. Not only for the planet, but for those that you inspire along the way.

hand removing plug from socket

Pull the Plugs

How many of your appliances or devices are powered up, even when they’re “off”? Those little lights, glowing displays, and BlueTooth signals can be an energy suck, even when they’re not in use. If they’re inessential to your daily life, pull those plugs! You’ll be saving more energy (and money) than you realize.


See? Eco-saving opportunities are all around us once you learn how to spot them. With a bit of mindfulness, and a determination to do your small part, big things can happen. Now go home, and go green!

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