6 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day

Dad’s special day is coming, which means you need to figure out your Father’s Day plans, and quick! Of course, with the coronavirus still lingering, your plans might be a bit different this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some quality time with Dad! There are lots of fun Father’s Day activities that are totally acceptable while social distancing. Whether your dad loves the great outdoors or would rather spend the day playing board games, here are a few fun ways to spend Father’s Day this year.


family on couch playing a board game

1. Family Feud

If your dad has a competitive streak, he’ll love having a family game night! From cards to online games like Family Feud, there’s a type of game out there for everyone. If your dad’s uber-competitive, throw in a few rounds of trivia to really heat things up — he’ll love it!


skewers of meat and vegetables on open grill

2. Fire Up the ‘Barbie

Speaking of heat, name a better duo than dads and their barbecues. Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to grill a great meal with Dad, especially since most restaurants still do not have dining in options. Check out these recipes to spark some ideas for a tasty Father’s Day BBQ:

back of young boy and man hiking in the forest

3. Hike

Going for a hike is a perfect Father’s Day activity if your dad would rather be at the gym than on the couch. With State and National parks starting to re-open, you can both get some fresh air and take in the scenery with an easy afternoon hike. Since each park or conservation area may be in a different phase of re-opening, check what’s open and make note of new guidelines, before you head out.


3 generations of men on golf greens smiling with arms around each other

4. Tee Off

If there’s one sport you can definitely play while social distancing, it’s golf. Players can play a round solo, in pairs, or at a max, in fours. If your dad loves the greens, why not treat him to a round of golf? Or, if you’re working on your swing, head to a driving range to practice together.


man and boy fishing during golden hour

5. Go-Fish

Father’s Day kicks off the summer, so why not head outside and go fish? Chit-chat with your dad while you wait for a nibble, then share the thrill of catching the biggest fish! Be sure to follow the fishing guidelines wherever you go, and buy a fishing license from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service if necessary.


family roasting marshmallows on campfire on beach

6. Camping Trip

If you’ve been itching to get up close and personal with nature, gather your family for a Father’s Day camping weekend! Most campgrounds are now open, but with special guidelines for social distancing. While it’s definitely easier to social distance yourself out in the wild, it’s still something to be aware of and follow for your own safety, as well as others. If your Dad loves to camp, plan a fun weekend to hike, bike, swim, and roast marshmallows by the campfire!


Whether you stay indoors or head outside, make this Father’s Day a memorable one! There are lots of fun activities to choose from that will ensure your dad has a great day. What do you have planned for Father’s Day this year?

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