6 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work During Vacation Season

It can be hard to stay motivated at work during the summer months when the sun is shining and you’re cooped up in the office. To be honest, we’d much rather be lying on a beach than chained to our desks. But, if you focus on the fact that everyone is jet-setting around the world while you’re stuck inside, it’s near impossible to stay focused, and your morale can hit an all-time low.

You owe it to yourself (and your job) to keep your spirits up and find your summer motivation. If you’re wondering how to stay motivated at work in the summer, all it takes is a little planning, and some intention setting. Simple tweaks to your schedule can help you beat those summer blues. Here are six of the best ways to stay motivated this summer:

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1. Take sunshine breaks

Rather than gathering around the water cooler, take a short break outdoors. Go for a walk at lunch, or eat in a nearby park. You can even schedule a walking meeting to get some fresh air while still accomplishing your tasks.

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2. Start earlier, leave earlier

If your company offers flex hours, start work an hour earlier and leave an hour earlier during the summer. This means more daylight to hit up the patio, park, or play outside with your kids after work. If flex hours aren’t an option, ask if you can work through lunch one day a week and leave an hour earlier.

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3. Set goals

When you can’t seem to stay focused, re-think your short- and long-term career goals, and write them down. Put it somewhere you’ll see it often to be reminded of what you’re working towards. This is a great way to push through when your motivation starts to fade. Plan rewards for yourself for meeting your goals as an extra incentive to work hard.


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4. Change your routine

Making small tweaks to your workday can help keep things fresh. Take advantage of flex hours (if that is an option), switch up the order of your daily tasks, or make changes to your commute. When it comes to your schedule, small changes can be refreshing and re-ignite your motivation.

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5. Plan a long-weekend getaway

Most of us get a few long weekends off in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Take advantage of these extra days off by planning a weekend getaway with friends or family. Go camping, play tourist in your own town, or discover a new city in 36 hours.

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6. Schedule fun evening activities

Having a fun activity planned after work can motivate you to finish your tasks for the work day. Sporting events, park visits, and pool parties are great ways to enjoy the nice weather, and spend quality time with your friends and family.


These six tips can help keep you focused during vacation season when you’re stuck at work. They may even help you have your best summer yet!

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