6 Wellness Tips for a Healthy Spring

It’s not just your living space that needs spring cleaning! Your wellbeing is made up of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Spring time is the perfect season to fine tune your routine. Follow these tips to help you take control of your health and habits so you can find your balance.

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1. Vitamin G

It’s no secret that green spaces are good for both you and the environment. Being in nature surrounded by green elements is energizing and uplifting. In fact, exposure to green spaces has been shown to positively influence general wellbeing in adults, as well as having positive effects on physical and mental health.¹ Spring is the perfect time to get outside and get your fill of ‘Vitamin G’.

If you live in the city, neighborhood walks should allow you to see some green grass and spring blooms. But if not, head out to a nearby park to get your fill of green. Just be sure to practice social distancing at your local and state parks — put your safety first!

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2. Move More

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may use the cold winter weather as an excuse to hunker down and hibernate at home. But come spring, the weather warms and it’s the perfect climate for outdoor exercise and fun recreational activities. Dust off your sneakers and get moving! It’s prime time for jogging, bicycle rides, hiking, and more.

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3. Sun Safety

Sunny skies after a long winter is like finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But when you head outside, it’s important to remember your sun protection, especially when your skin hasn’t seen daylight in months! Before heading out for some fun in the sun, check the expiration date of your sunblock. If you can’t find one, a good rule of thumb is that sunscreen expires after 3 years. If you’ve been using the same bottle for a couple years now, it might be a good idea to get a new one.

Good sun protection doesn’t just stop at sunscreen! It’s also smart to seek shade when the sun is particularly hot, to wear a wide-brimmed hat, and cover up with clothing. Take these precautions when you head outside to ensure you’re protecting your skin this spring.

seasonal salad

4. Eat Seasonally

After a long winter, welcome spring's bright and colorful produce to your plate. Crisp veggies like radishes, asparagus, arugula, and carrots add nice crunch and color to your salads and bowls. Eating fresh, seasonal produce is a great way to boost your wellness this spring and help you feel your best!

Need some inspo? Try this delicious Spring Salad & Arugula Hummus recipe from Love & Lemons.

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5. Ditch & Declutter

Cleaning up clutter around you can help to clear your mind, making you feel calm, organized, and in control. Likewise, when you ditch bad habits that are no longer serving you, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Whether it’s consuming too much alcohol, sugary snacks, procrastinating, or avoiding confrontation, taking some time to figure out what is getting in the way of being your best self. When you ditch bad habits, you’re decluttering your life and enhancing your wellness at a physical and even spiritual level.

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6. Shoot for the Stars

Spring is the perfect time of year to make progress on your goals. The changing season of warmer weather and sunny skies can help motivate you to change up your routine. We’re about halfway through the year, so it’s probably a good time to evaluate how your resolutions are doing. Need to get back on track? Create a list of small goals you’d like to achieve over the next few months which will help you reach your ultimate goal.


Follow these tips to enhance your wellbeing this spring! Supporting your wellness is key to mental, emotional, and physical health. And good health is wealth and happiness, too! What aspect of your wellness routine will you revamp this spring?



¹ Preuß M, et al. (2019). Int J Environ Res Public Health. 16(10):1809.

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