Enjoy The Outdoors With These Fun Winter Activities

January is a time to hit refresh on your routine and recommit to your healthy living goals. With gyms still closed and limited access to indoor recreation, consider taking your activities outdoors! Yes, it’s winter time and that means cold weather and icy conditions. But the winter season has so many unique and fun activities that your entire family will enjoy! Whether you’re working on your fitness or looking for a new weekend sport, these winter activities are for you.


winter image of person snowshoeing

1. Snowshoeing

Strap on a pair of snowshoes to explore your favorite hiking trails blanketed in a layer of fresh snow! You’ll get a great workout while enjoying the vast landscape that a winter hike has to offer. Snowshoes are particularly helpful for traversing across deep snow as you trailblaze across the unbeaten path.


2 women winter biking on snowy trail

2. Winter Biking

‘Fat bikes’ are bicycles with oversized tires that allow you to cycle on just about any snowy trail. Put your Peloton training to the test and enjoy the gorgeous views that winter biking has to offer!


a couple horseback riding in winter scene

3. Horseback Riding

If you enjoy a slower pace but still want to enjoy the magical winter scenery, consider winter horseback riding. Saunter through a frosty forest as you listen to the snow crunch beneath the horse’s hooves. This is a special experience any horse-lover wouldn’t want to miss!


2 men sitting outside a winter cabin drinking from mugs

4. Winter Camping

Escape routine for a weekend by booking a heated cabin or yurt for the weekend. Stay warm and cozy inside, or use this as a starting point for a weekend of cross-country skiing, ice skating, or even dog-sledding! For the super adventurous, try a winter tent or heated trailer at a campground that’s open throughout the winter months.


With international travel on hold, this is the perfect year to embrace the cold and become a winter warrior. The snowy season has so many fun activities that we encourage you to try! Forego the hibernation this year and get outside for some fresh air and fun physical activity.

What winter activity do you want to try this year?


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