Give the Gift that Lasts

We love giving gifts and love wrapping presents around the holidays! There’s something so great about giving a thoughtful gift to someone you love. But the joy of material gifts fades, especially when you consider how much we already have. When you consider what gifts are really about, it’s purpose is to express how you feel and make a person feel loved. This holiday season, focus on giving a gift that lasts by giving experiences rather than things, and making memories that count!

We think spending time with friends and family is the REAL joy of giving. Whatever your friends or family are interested in, there’s an experience you can gift them that they will love. Even kids will love it if you skip the toys this year and give them experience gifts instead! Whether you’re more concerned about overspending or over-consumption of unnecessary stuff, here are 5 gifts you can give this year that aren’t more things:

1. Tickets

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy a live stage production. Broadway shows, concerts, or stand-up comedy are a great cultural experience to share together. And if you’re more into action, get tickets to a sporting event. Any avid sports fan will love the experience of watching their favorite player or team.

2. Night on the Town

Paint the town red with your significant other or best friends! Get dressed up and enjoy a fun evening feasting. Make a dinner reservation at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, splurge on a 3-course meal, take your time, then take a late-night stroll to experience the city lights, holiday music, and sparkling decor.

3. Massage Bliss

Have a family member or friend who always seems a bit frazzled? A massage therapist can knead tight muscles and help ease everyday stress with a relaxing massage. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a spa day! But if that’s outside your budget, you can gift a do-it-yourself personal massage for your partner. Don’t forget to use our Organic Massage Oil to give you a helping hand!

4. Heartfelt Card

Heading to a holiday party? While a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is a classic hostess gift, consider writing a thoughtful hand-written card instead. Everyone appreciates when their efforts are noticed as parties require a lot of planning, cooking, baking, and more! And this doesn’t just apply to party hosts. Neighbors, coworkers, and teachers would also appreciate the gesture. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

5. Charitable Giving

Is someone in your life really passionate about a certain cause? Maybe it’s cancer research, disaster relief, nature conservation, or human rights. Whatever the cause may be, the perfect gift for this person is to donate to charity to help support their mission. Just make sure the charity you choose is relevant to the person’s passions and interests, to make this gift meaningful to them!  




Don’t turn gift-giving (a true joy of the season) into a stressful and tedious chore this season. Focus on quality time and giving experiences that will create meaningful memories with the ones you love. You really can’t place a dollar value on spending time together, so this year try giving experiences rather than gifts! What fun adventures do you want to take your loved ones on?

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