How to Exercise At Home Without Equipment

With gyms and other recreational facilities currently closed, options for working out are now limited. You’re stuck in your living room with nowhere to go. But the good news is that we’re living in an age where there are unlimited resources online and technology to help you keep moving at home. Even without exercise equipment, there are multiple ways for you to be active indoors.

Whether you’re into strength training or are a cardio queen, here are 5 ways to keep up your exercise routine while staying at home:

running up stairs

1. Stairs

Turn your home or apartment’s staircase into a gym. Any flight of stairs can help you burn calories, build strength, and increase mobility.

How to do it? Try alternating between a steady walk up the stairs, jogging down, running up each step, jogging down, and running up every other step, then jogging down. Repeat with little rest for as long as you can.

at home workout

2. Stream Workouts

Everyone from Orange Theory to Gold’s Gym have switched to online services while their facilities are temporarily closed. Many gyms and fitness studios are offering live streams of instructor-led classes or uploading video workouts you can do at home.

How to do it? If you are already a member of a gym or studio, check in with them to see what they are offering their members during this time. They may be moving their classes online to Zoom meetings or live streaming on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

body weight excercise

3. Bodyweight Exercises

Strength training builds muscle, helps burn fat, and can help create a stronger-looking physique. But when you don’t have access to weight machines or free weights, you can still work your upper and lower body with bodyweight exercises. These use your own body weight (with the help of gravity) to create resistance so you can build strength.

How to do it? Create a circuit with these basic bodyweight exercises:

online yoga

4. YouTube Yoga

Yoga is a practice that doesn’t require any equipment, so it can be done anytime, anywhere! If you’re a seasoned yogi, you may already know what to do to keep your practice going. But if you’re a total newbie, there are lots of videos you can watch and follow along to get you started.

How to do it? YouTube is a great resource for free yoga videos. These are a few of our favorite channels:

tv exercises

5. Commercial Break

Let’s be honest, we’re watching a whole lot of TV during this quarantine. And obviously, that’s okay! But when there’s a commercial break (or an episode ends) jump up off the couch and do short bursts of cardio to fit in some movement. Any form of cardio can help get your heart rate up which is good for cardiovascular health, weight, and stress management.

How to do it? The average commercial break is about 4 minutes. During this time, do a combination of air squats, jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, or burpees. A fun alternative is turning on your favorite song and dancing around the living room. We guarantee you’ll be sweating in no time!


Working out from home doesn’t have to be limited to those with a home gym. With a little creativity and online resources, you can stay in shape and keep moving despite being confined to your home space. Keeping up with an exercise routine can help keep you grounded during these challenging times. How are you staying active while social distancing?

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