How to Support Your Immune System This Winter

Cold weather and darker days mean just one thing — it’s cold and flu season. This time of year can be nasty, so it’s important to make your health and wellness a priority. Do you know how to support your immune system in the winter? Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few tips to keep your immune system fired up, so it’s ready to fight whatever comes your way!

Sunny D

With shorter winter days, you aren’t getting as much sun exposure compared to the summer. That means your body doesn’t have the chance to convert enough sunlight to Vitamin D.* Taking a Vitamin D supplement in the winter months may help maintain normal levels which can support your immune system.* Make sure to take Vitamin D3 since it’s absorbed better by your body, and have your healthcare practitioner do bloodwork to check your levels so you know the amount that is right for you.

Lather Up

Make sure you stop germs from spreading by washing your hands frequently. Always remember to lather up before and after handling food, using the washroom, after sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Washing your hands is definitely one of the best ways to stop bacteria from spreading — so lather up!

Get Your Zzz's

If you don’t love to sleep, you’re really missing out on all its benefits! Sleep is vital for helping your body rest and repair, and also affects your quality of life. When you feel well-rested, you’ll be more alert, more attentive, and have more energy throughout the day. Getting enough sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and a habit you should keep throughout the winter months.

Find Your Zen

Your immune system can definitely take a hit from mental and emotional stress. Try to find effective ways to manage your everyday stress with practices like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. Remember that self-care isn’t just bubble baths, it’s any activity that helps you feel well. Make sure to schedule things you enjoy and relax you throughout your week to combat everyday stress. Your immune system will thank you!

Supporting a healthy immune system is your best bet to survive the cold and flu season.* When germs come your way, make sure maintaining your health and wellbeing is a priority. Getting enough sleep, eating well, washing your hands, and taking supplements are all great ways to support your body — especially in the winter. How do prioritize your health in the winter?





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