Quick Tips to Move When You Don't Have Time to Exercise

When it comes to your health and wellness, you have the best intentions. You signed up for that class, you have a gym membership, and you actually enjoy the benefits of exercise! But when life gets busy, and it does, something’s gotta give. Usually, the first thing we drop from our priorities is exercise. And honestly, for good reason! You have work deadlines, family obligations, and more to worry about.

When that happens, don’t beat yourself up over not having time to get to the gym. Committing to your wellness means finding balance amid the chaos. Even if you neglect your fitness routine for a bit, you can still seize small opportunities to move throughout your busy day. If you’re dealing with a hectic lifestyle and don't have any spare time, try these quick tips to help you move more!

Leisure Time

Any leisure time you do have can be spent moving. Sure, when you’re exhausted, all you really want to do is flop on the couch and that’s fair. But going for a walk or a quick bike ride will help refresh you in more ways than one. Even gentle movement gets the blood flowing which can re-energize you and wake you up. If the weather’s too cold to head outside, go to the mall and walk around there. As a bonus, you can do some window shopping or indulge in a little retail therapy at the same time!

Walk and Chat

When you're talking on the phone, make sure that you get up to walk about while you're chatting. If you have space, walk down halls or around your office. If it’s a personal call, walk and talk while you go to get a coffee. These are all small ways you can move without having to tap into your schedule to find extra time for fitness.

Skip the Elevator

If you only have to go up or down a floor or two, take the stairs instead of the elevator. The time spent waiting for the elevator could be better spent climbing stairs! If you get into the habit of using the stairs, you can easily get more movement each day. Remember that every step you take adds up in the end.


It’s easy to fall off track of your fitness routine when there’s a work crisis, big project, or family responsibilities to take care of. If this is your reality, remember that small segments of movement can make a difference. Don’t beat yourself up, but look for any way to keep moving during a busy day.

How do you keep moving, even when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands?

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