Stop the Slump! 10 Steps to Stay Motivated

The key to successfully achieving your goals is by staying motivated throughout the process. But, motivation can falter and may even disappear completely without the right tools. Whether your goal is personal, professional, or health-related, if you’re starting fresh, or trying to get back on track, these 10 steps can help you stay motivated and smash your goals

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1. Set ONE Goal

Trying to achieve too much, too soon is just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set one goal to focus on. You can always accomplish other goals once you’ve knocked this one off the list!

2. Make it Realistic

Sure, you may be a dreamer...and you’re not the only one! It may be tempting to set a goal that quickly gets you to where you want to be (like, losing 50 lbs in one month). But is that a reasonable goal to achieve? Setting an irrational goal will just lead you to failure, and that’s no fun. Make sure to set your goal to something that can realistically be achieved in a given amount of time.

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3. Set In Stone

Writing down your goal, or sharing it with a friend, helps you commit fully to your goal. Once you say it out loud, it’s real — no turning back!

4. Mini-Goals

Whatever you’re working towards can probably be split into smaller steps and milestones. This can make your goals more achievable and easier to track your progress.

5. Recognize Your Progress

Tracking your progress is helpful, but what is really impactful is taking time to review and recognize your progress. After each mini-goal is accomplished, take some time to recognize any positive difference and progress that’s been made. This can help motivate you to keep going!

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6. Treat Yourself

Everyone likes a reward, and this is a great way to stay motivated! When you reach one of your milestones, take some time to reward yourself. Whether you treat yourself to a new hairstyle, a day off of work, shopping spree, or a massage, there are so many fun ways to recognize your efforts and keep you motivated.

7. Support System

They say that two is better than one. Having another person (or several) for support can help keep you motivated when you start to lose it. A close friend or loved one can give you that pep talk when you need it, providing you with the encouragement you need to keep going.

8. Mind Over Mantra

When your motivation starts to fade, a mantra can remind you of what truly matters to you and get you back in gear. Mantras are words repeated to help build focus and concentration — a form of meditation. Examples of daily mantras are “Progress is more important than perfection” and “I am strong and capable of change”. These mini reminders can help you stay positive and motivated. If you’re not into mantras, then try an inspirational quote from someone you admire.

9. Know Your Purpose

The driving force behind your motivation is your purpose. This gives you meaning and helps progression. What helps keep you moving forward? Find out what drives you - is it achievement? Recognition? Learning? Helping others? By finding your purpose you’ll be much more likely to stay motivated.

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10. Celebrate Your Success

When you do achieve your goal, take time to celebrate your achievement! Reflect on the positive change you’ve made and congratulate yourself on a job well done. What else can you achieve? Anything is possible!



What goals are you setting for yourself or currently working towards? Share in the comments below. Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!  

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