This One Ingredient Can Solve All Your Beauty Problems

If you’re ready to banish dull, dry skin for good, then you need to welcome Glycerin into your life! It’s a clear liquid made from plant oils, and has a thin, syrup-like consistency. A master of hydration, vegetable glycerin can soothe dry and irritated skin since it attracts and locks in moisture. There’s a reason it’s often the star of skincare products, and DIY beauty junkies are starting to take notice.

Since we could all benefit from a little more hydration, here are eight at-home beauty recipes to try:

woman with smooth legs

1. Tone It Up

Pair glycerin and rosewater to create an amazing skin toner, which will help smooth the surface of your skin by drawing in water, and help it retain moisture.

woman removing her makeup in mirror

2. Take the Day Off

Glycerin is a common ingredient in makeup removal products because it doesn’t dry out the skin and creates a soothing effect. Simply mix glycerin and water on a cotton pad, and wipe away your makeup.

woman spraying her face with setting spray

3. Setting Spray

Mix two drops of glycerin, 20 mL of rosewater, and one teaspoon of lemon juice to create the perfect makeup-setting spray that will give you that fresh and dewy glow. Keep the mixture in a spray bottle and make sure to keep it refrigerated!

woman holding water in her hands

4. Soft Hands

Apply a few drops of glycerin onto your damp hands every time you wash them for soft, smooth skin.

woman spraying her face with refreshing mist

5. Fresh Face

For a boost of hydration, mix together one tablespoon of glycerin with 10 tablespoons of water in a spray bottle. This refreshing mist can be used anytime, anywhere!

man applying glycerin to undereyes

6. Easy on the Eyes

Wet your hands, apply a dime-sized amount of glycerin to your fingertips, and apply it around the eye area as a moisturizing eye serum.

woman with smooth straight hair

7. Power Conditioner

When glycerin is applied to hair, it helps to pull moisture from the air deep into the hair shaft, keeping your hair shiny and nourished.

woman brushing wet hair

8. Frizz-Free

Mix together glycerin, water, and your favorite essential oil. Run the mixture through your hair to tame frizziness, and keep your hair smelling wonderful!


What are your favorite ways to use glycerin in your beauty routine? If you have any more glycerin beauty hacks, share them below!

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