Treat Your Feet With An At-Home Pedicure

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has interfered with many aspects of our lives. And one not-so-serious but still noticeable way is the closure of spas and salons. Even if yours are starting to open up, you may not feel comfortable venturing into a nail salon just yet.

And you know what? That’s okay — we’re with you. That’s why we researched the BEST way to give your feet some love at home. Featuring a luxurious hot oil treatment, this at-home pedicure will tackle your toes and leave you with smooth, soft heels. Get your sandals ready, it’s time to show off those feet!


For an at-home pedicure, make sure to have these basics on hand:

Tub. For each soak, you’ll want a bathtub, a large, shallow washbasin, or foot tub.

Warm water. Have some additional water available to give your feet a rinse.

Towel. Have a towel, bath mat, or drying cloth nearby.

Pumice stone or foot file. To slough off dead skin.

Nail trimmer. To cut those toenails.

Plastic bags or saran wrap. Either will work to wrap your feet up for the oil treatment.

Old socks. Use to keep the plastic wrap in place.


feet soaking in soapy bowl of water


Fill your tub with warm water and soap, and let your feet soak for 15-20 minutes. Feel like multitasking? Throw on a Viva Naturals Charcoal Sheet Mask for a full-on pamper session!


close up of heel being exfoliated


Pat your feet dry, then use a foot file or pumice stone to remove any dead skin from your feet. Pay special attention to the balls of your feet and your heels with calluses tend to form. File until these areas feel smooth.


nail file clippers cuticle tool and scissors


Use a nail trimmer to achieve the length and shape you want. Then file the corners of your nails and buff them until smooth.

bottle of sweet almond oil in spa setting


If you’re missing those Paraffin treatments that the spa provides, then this step is for you! Grab a bottle of Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond Oil and gently heat using a hot water bath. Once warm, apply to feet massaging all over. Then, wrap feet with plastic wrap or bags and cover with old socks. Kick up your feet and relax for 15 minutes. This step is perfect for extra dry skin and will help to moisturize and soften your feet.



Remove plastic wrap and give your toes a quick wipe with a damp washcloth to remove excess oil. Once your feet are dry, apply a base coat (optional) then two coats of nail polish, leaving two minutes in between each coat. If possible, we always recommend using a non-toxic polish to limit your exposure to toxins which may cause allergic reactions. A few of our favorite brands include Pacifica, Butter London, and Deborah Lippmann.



Once your toes have dried, moisturize your cuticles with a small dab of oil. Use any remaining warm oil you have, or try 100% pure Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil. These rich, nourishing oils are perfect for conditioning your cuticles. Rub into the outer edges of your nails to help keep dry, cracked skin at bay. Don’t skip this step as cuticle oil can also protect your polish for a long lasting shine.

After that, you’re done! Slip into your summer slides and show off those pampered feet. Even if you’re the only one who sees them, enjoy the feeling of soft, smooth heels with this DIY pedicure. Are you missing the salon or do you like to treat your feet at home?

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