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Valentine's Day Ideas You'll Both Love

Not sure how to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with your special someone? It can be intimidating to make Valentine’s Day plans, since there’s so much pressure to be romantic, express your love and surprise your date. But there’s really no need to panic! There are countless ways to celebrate the day. The key is to choose an activity that you’ll both enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to ditch your dinner plans for something a little more creative. Need some help? Here are ten ideas you’ll love:

bath bombs

1. Make some art

If you’re feeling crafty, attend a paint night to create matching masterpieces. Or if you prefer to stay in, make homemade bath bombs with this step-by-step tutorial from Inspired by Charm. The best part? Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a blissful bath. Light some candles, hop in the tub and let your DIY bath bomb sizzle away.


take a hike

2. Take a hike

No one says you have to stay indoors for a romantic date. Head outside to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. Not only will you get your steps in for the day, but being exposed to the cold air is perfect for snuggling later.

movie marathon

3. Movie marathon

Whether rom-com or sci-fi is more up your alley, grab some snacks, a cozy blanket, and cuddle on the couch for an evening filled with your favorite movies or TV show.

chocolate dessert

4. Make heart-shaped dessert

After enjoying your healthy Valentine’s Day dinner, it’s time for dessert! For a healthy treat, make a heart-shaped fruit platter and serve with whipped cream or coconut-whip. Or if you’re craving a chocolatey treat, make this delicious dairy-free chocolate avocado mousse from Taste.

yoga class

5. Head to a yoga class

Both stressed from a long week? Head to a yoga class to stretch your limbs and calm your mind. You’ll feel so much more relaxed after that you’ll actually be able to enjoy each other’s company rather than having work-related thoughts swirling through your mind.

night at the museum

6. Night at the museum

If you live for city life, consider a night out at the museum with your plus one. During special holidays, like Valentine’s Day, many museums and art galleries stay open after hours. Enjoy a fun night of viewing exhibits, sipping drinks, dancing, and listening to live music.

cozy cabin getaway

7. Cozy cabin getaway

Take a break from your regular routine and spend the night nestled deep in nature. Staying in a remote area can help you unplug from the outside world and reconnect with your partner. Cozy up in a cabin with a crackling fireplace, play board games, cook together, and slow down for a relaxing weekend away.

ice skating

8. Ice skating

If you and your significant other love to stay active, then consider a skate date! Some rinks even have live DJs, so you can skate and listen to music for a fun heart-pumping workout. Afterward, hit up the snack bar or head home and warm up with a creamy cup of hot cocoa!

escape room

9. Escape room

If romantic dinners aren’t your style, go to an escape room as a couple. Solving puzzles and working together to escape can be a fun bonding experience. Teamwork makes the dream work!

video games

10. Video Games

Unconventional date nights can end up being the most fun and memorable! Don’t feel like going out? Buy an assortment of your favorite snack foods and stay in playing video games. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and classic racing games are fun and light-hearted enough that even newbies will enjoy.


Whether you’re newly dating or happily married to the love of your life, these Valentine’s Day date ideas are sure to please. Choose a fun activity that you know both of you will enjoy and let the romance naturally fall into place!


Got any other great ideas for this Valentine’s Day weekend? Share them with us in the comments below.